Giant Lips, #NewMilkTrayMan and If Carlsberg Did Trollies…

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  • February 5, 2016
Kristina Semonella

Kristina Semonella

Digital PR Executive

Over the course of this past week, we’ve seen some great PR activity going on – so we’re here to share some of our favourite campaigns and stunts with you! Check them out below…

Cadbury – #NewMilkTrayMan   

The search is over. February 3rd marked a momentous day for all the Milk-Tray-loving fans out there, with Cadbury revealing their New Milk Tray Man!

…And it looks like Liverpudlian fire-fighter, Patrick McBride, has already been on his first mission: delivering his first surprise delivery to one lucky lady.

To refresh your memory of Cadbury’s initial campaign to kick-start the nationwide search, you can check out all the details and requirements for the role in our previous blog post.

Time To Change

February 4th was Time to Talk Day – a day organised by anti-stigma campaign Time To Change, run by mental health charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. The aim of this day was to encourage the nation to talk about mental health and to help end the misconceptions around it.

The team behind Time To Change has created this great asset on their website to encourage people to submit a written pledge which then gets added onto their pledge wall – to join thousands of others who are starting conversations about mental health.


Marmite – Bae ban

In the run up to Valentine’s Day Marmite has launched their personalised Valentine’s Day jars, but it appears one unexpected (and hilarious) rule applies, if you wish to put in an order.

The famous spread is putting its foot down and forbidding Britain’s most cringe-worthy pet names from appearing on its jars – including ‘bae’, ‘snookums’ and ‘baby cakes’ (which new research has proved are the most hated terms in the country).

Marmite Bae

Did you ever see Marmite’s pop love café? Don’t worry if you missed it, you can check it out here.

Vaseline – Vaseline Lip Therapy versus extreme weather

Vaseline’s latest Lip Therapy PR stunt was crackin’. They drove two giant sets of lips made out of clay to different places around the world and then subjected them to extreme weather conditions – one set of lips was lathered in Vaseline Lip Therapy, and the other set was left untreated.


The results? The treated lips survived the ordeal, while the untreated lips ended up cracked, chapped and broken.

Check out a video of the experiment below:


Carlsberg – If Carlsberg Did Shopping Trollies…

In line with their ‘If Carlsberg Did experiences’, the beer brand’s latest PR activity involved the making of, in their eyes, ‘the best shopping trolley in the world’.

It was created by car customisation firm Yiannimize, who revamped an Asda trolley to feature alloy wheels, a beer cooler, digital dashboard, and a satellite navigation system.

Check out its trial in Asda below, featuring some priceless reactions from fellow shoppers.


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