A gin bus, avocado emoji and professional Pokémon GO trainers

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  • July 22, 2016
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

Another week, another boozy pop-up!

Gin connoisseurs Hendrick’s finally have the answer to the woes of fed up London commuters – the Extraordinary Roving Bus of Exceptionally Refined Travel, or Herbert for short.

Passengers can board the giant cucumber themed double decker bus from designated Hendricks stops across London and enjoy their signature G&T’s accompanied by cucumber macaroons…we’re thinking this definitely counts towards your five a day!

Our second pop-up comes from adult-only hotel group Warner Leisure. Their #GrownUpIceCream van offers a menu of, quite frankly, peculiar but INCREDIBLE ice cream and alcohol concoctions inspired by their study which revealed the nations favourite tipple.

The 99’s in this truck have been replaced with beer Mr Whippy served in a pork scratching cone, vodka and tequila sorbets and the Bacon and Bourbon – we’re currently in the process of persuading the boss to get one as a permanent fixture for the office!


A dose of reality…virtual reality

We’re big fans of WWF at Branded3 and loved their endangered emoji collection last year. Their new digital venture puts the public in the shoes of a ranger by using virtual reality and 360° CGI film to create a three-minute experience and insight into the reality of tiger poaching.

With over 95% of the world’s wild tiger population having diminished over the last decade, Joss Davidge (Director of The Unexpected at Because) hopes this unique experience will “bring to life the challenges that tigers face in the wild in compelling fashion.’’

Because words are just too much effort!

Earlier this month, the Unicode Consortium, or emoji makers to you and me, gave us 72 news ways to express ourselves with long-requested symbols such as the avocado (obviously, in a time of peak avocado), prosecco and a pregnant lady; we’re hoping this won’t be the new way to break the news!

To celebrate this new food heavy update, The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill has introduced a Summer Special Emoji Menu, which details items on the menu in a sequence of emoji’s. My personal favourite is the beef baguette with rocket! Although I can’t help but feel some people will be a little disappointed when they realise they read the emoji dish wrong!


If Carlsberg did fruit machines

Carlsberg never cease to amaze and amuse us with their campaigns and the person who created the ‘If Carlsberg did’ tagline must be loving every minute of its continuous lifespan!

Their latest stunt takes the humble fruit machine and rewards winners with a range of prizes exactly as they see on the machine, from no7 England shirts, a diamond ring and a whole load of lemons to pints of Carlsberg and of course, a free bar!

Pokémon GO GO GO!

With reports claiming that 5% of all android smartphones worldwide now have the Pokémon GO app installed and achieving as many users as Uber…in a week, it doesn’t surprise us to see brands piggy backing its success in any way possible.

But this has provided a particularly interesting opportunity for professional resource brands like bidvine, who now have a page dedicated to becoming a Pokémon Go trainer. This allows you to connect with other professionals (I’d love to see this on someone’s CV) and new customers who will pay for your services – wow!

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