Give blood, save the sea creatures and look after yourself

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  • May 20, 2016
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

Take a break from shopping

This week, shoppers at Manchester’s Trafford Centre and London’s Westfield are being treated to a break from being weighted down with shopping bags and granted entrance to Dove’s Powder Room.

Guests will be served tea and marshmallows while having hand massages using Dove’s DermaSpa Intensive Hand Treatment. The Powder Rooms are being used to promote the latest anti-perspirant from Dove, which each guest will receive a sample of when they visit.

Shopping this weekend doesn’t seem like such a bad idea anymore…

Save the seas!

Last year, Americans drank 6.3 billion gallons of beer, of which half was consumed from cans. Sadly, a lot of the plastic six-pack rings ended up in the ocean, posing a huge threat to marine life.

Saltwater Brewery decided to do something about it – 100% biodegradable and edible six-pack rings. Amazing!

They are made from beer ingredients like barley and wheat, so they can be eaten by animals without causing them any harm!

Looking good, Monkey

PG Tips is aiming to raise awareness of a ‘green paper’ report they are publishing to promote its green tea project, but how to do it? When in doubt, put something in the Thames!


On Monday, Londoners could catch a glimpse of a six-metre tall, green monkey, floating down the Thames. Obviously, with it being PG Tips, it had to have some kind of link to tea, so it was made of 110,486 leaves.

Despite many, many things being put in the Thames previously, it still got attention and the coverage the team wanted.

Could you save a life?

Augmented reality is all the rage for PR campaigns and stunts these days, but when they’re done well they really stand out. The NHS has delivered a fantastic campaign which we believe, and hope, will really make a difference.

‘See the power of blood donation’ is the latest campaign from the NHS, spreading awareness that donating blood can save lives.

Using augmented reality, passers-by can hold up their phones to see what it looks like to give blood, while watching the person on the screen’s health improve in front of their eyes.
This really allows people to appreciate the impact that giving blood can have on others people’s lives.

If Carlsberg did pubs

There’s less than a month to go until Euro 2016 begins – and don’t we know it! Everywhere we turn at the minute there’s news about the Euros, so of course, one of campaigns of the week this week had to be football themed.


The ‘pubstitutions’ are here. Carlsberg has taken over 19 pubs across the UK, renaming them all ‘The Three Lions’ and giving them new décor and special branding.

Over the course of the tournament, a select few of the pubs will be visited by England legends such as Terry Venables and Lee Sharpe.

So, keep an eye out for a pub near you suddenly becoming ‘The Three Lions’!

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