Gizmodo vs Engadget: Gizmodo needs SEO

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  • May 15, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Hitwise is reporting today that Engadget is a much bigger blog than Gizmodo.

The stats are interesting reading but Gizmodo must really be taking their eye off the ball somewhere so let’s see where.

Last week, Engadget attracted a 6 times larger share of US Internet visits than Gizmodo. I should point out here that we are tracking website visits. This means we are not reporting on readers that consume content via feed readers (i.e. Bloglines or Netvibes). Engadget ranked 3,645 among All Categories of websites last week and Gizmodo ranked 25,519. Among Blogs and Personal Websites, Engadget ranked 44 and Gizmodo 289.

The interesting thing is that Engadget gets 60% of their traffic from search. If Gizmodo could get a similar level of traffic they would probably more than double their market share.

Both sites rely heavily on search engines for upstream visits. Engadget received 60% of visits from Search Engines last week and Gizmodo 47%. has 2.2 million pages while Gizmodo has just 200,000 so that gives Engadget maybe 10 times the traffic straight off. Engadget has 8 million links while Gizmodo has 6 million so they both have the links – Gizmodo just doesn’t have the content.

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