GoCompare – Can they come back?

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  • March 20, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

GoCompare was one of the biggest sites ever to be hit with what experts are calling a “link buying penalty”. I’m interested to see whether it’s possible for them to regain their rankings once the alleged paid links are removed.

The number of links to the GoCompare website appears to have dropped sharply in the last few weeks and from a cursory look their link profile appears to be quite clean, certainly much cleaner than most other top ranking car insurance sites.

Once the paid links have all been removed they will no doubt submit a reconsideration request and explain that they were ill advised by a spammy SEO company (they will probably be asked to name the company so now is not a good time to be featured on their “Clients” page). Assuming Google can’t see any remaining paid links there is no reason at all for the penalty to remain in place, except as a deterrent to future link buyers.

What do you think, can a site come back from this? My bet is that it can and that the penalty will be removed.

Dave Naylor thinks that paid links are more dangerous than ever but if you can get a penalty, clean up your act and be ranking again inside a few months does that make it a risk worth taking?

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