Good news for websites – BBC told to link out more!

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  • May 29, 2008

Fantastic news for anybody with a useful website – today the BBC has been told that they need to start linking out more.

The BBC Trust carried out a report into the site and found that things could be a bit better despite the site getting 16.5 million users every month.

Presenting the reports findings, review leader Dame Patricia Hodgson said: “This is a very reassuring set of findings about the quality of the service, the value that it gives to audiences and what they think about it.”

“There must be stronger financial, strategic and editorial controls.”

The trust is also calling for an improved internal search engine, more links to non-BBC websites and more interactivity.

It said any plans for new investment in would not be approved until management had made satisfactory plans to further tighten controls.

I have sent my link requests and await the results.

Patrick Altoft

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  • Dio

    The BBC has been told it needs to link out more for years now. It was a big factor in the last but one homepage overhauls back in 2004. There’s always been an active attempt in BBC online to have outbound links, you look at most pages you’ll find an external link on it. Let’s hope at some point they get rid of that annoying out bound link tracking script that stops the links passing any sort of joy. :)

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