Goodbye Magento Go?

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  • June 27, 2014

Magento Go was launched in February 2011. It’s a cloud-based managed eCommerce solution powered by Magento, aimed at small businesses that don’t want the hassle of installing and maintaining a platform.

Since eBay’s take over of Magento, a lot has changed, but Magento Go’s updates have slowed and its future has been uncertain.

Re/Code are breaking the story this morning that a source inside eBay has confirmed that Magento Go will be laid to rest. Allegedly, they’ve signed a deal with Bigcommerce – a competitor – to take over and maintain the accounts of businesses using the Go platform.

Recently Bigcommerce and Shopify have dominated and pushed forward the idea of eCommerce as a service, and Magento Go never really got off the ground with their offering.

Moving forward, Magento will be building off the back of their hosting partner index ( partnering with hosting providers to support deployment of Magento Community Edition.

If you have a Magento site that is currently hosted on Magento Go then feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll take a look at options for you.

Douglas Radburn

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As our Head of Technical Doug has played a key role within the Development team since 2009. A founding developer of our Twitition and Competwition platforms, Doug has also been lead in our Open Source Projects on Magento ecommerce solutions and Wordpress CMS platforms.

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