Google Adwords Allows Abortion Ads

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  • September 17, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

We’ve written before about Googles Adwords policies but today a piece of interesting news – Google has settled out of court in a case brought by the Christian Institute.

Google had originally banned the ad which read “UK abortion law: Key views and news on abortion law from the Christian Institute.”

The case was brought under the Equality Act 2006, Google has now agreed to allow the ad to show up for the keyword “abortion”.

Google said:

The issue of abortion is an emotive subject and Google does not take a particular side. Over the last few months we have received a number of representations about our abortion ads policy and we decided to conduct a review to make sure it was fair, up to date and consistent with local customs and practices.

Following the review we have decided to amend our policy, creating a level playing field and enable religious associations to place ads on abortion in a factual way.

The settlement allows organisations to place adverts in a “factual and campaigning way” but from the screenshot below it appears that most advertisers are offering treatments. Is this what the Christian Institute intended to happen? I very much doubt it.

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