Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels show SEO drives 30% more revenue

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  • September 12, 2011

Google Analytics took a step forwards in August by launching Multi Channel Funnels to the general public. This allows users to see all the different methods that customers used to find a website in the days & weeks before they made a purchase.

Analytics by default is based on the “last click” so if a user searched for a keyword such as “sofas” and clicked on an organic SEO result one week and then the next week visited your site via a PPC brand keyword then that would be attributed to a PPC visit.

The new Funnels allow you to attribute any visits of this nature and report on them as SEO assists.

We’ve run this analysis across all our clients large & small and the numbers average out to 30% – this is the additional revenue on top of the amount reported in Google Analytics that our clients are making from SEO on average.

How to run this analysis

Running this analysis isn’t particularly easy. First of all you need to be in the new version of GA and then you need to set up some filters.

Remember that we want to find conversions that would not be reported as “non-brand organic” under the normal Analytics system so first we need to ensure that we are including non-brand organic search from the assisted conversions but excluding it from last interaction conversions.

Here are the filters you need:

Include Last Interaction from: Keyword containing [BRAND NAME] OR
Exclude Last interaction from: Source/Medium containing google / organic
Exclude Assist Interaction from: Keyword containing [BRAND NAME] AND
Include Assist Interaction from: Source / Medium containing google / organic

It is also be useful to have a Last Click Conversions segment. This way we can find out what Google normally attributes to Non-Brand SEO. This is easier.
Exclude Last Interaction from: Keyword containing [BRAND NAME] AND
Include Last Interaction from: Source / Medium containing google / organic

Patrick Altoft

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