Google Blog Search Indexing Posts Within 120 Seconds

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  • July 16, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Yesterday I was trying to take advantage of the Favourite blogs meme run by Mashable.

Mashable were displaying a Google Blog Search widget to show all posts linking to this post on their site. Mashable has loads of readers so I figured if BlogStorm could be the first one listed in Google Blog Search I would be onto a winner.

Under the Publicize tab in Feedburner there is a service called PingShot which notifies various services when you post. I have 5 additional services including the Google blog search pinging service listed so whenever I publish a post Feedburner pings a bunch of sites to tell them.

Feedburner also offers a pinging service of their own so you can tell them when you post.

Google is fast!

Armed with these tools I published the post, pinged Feedburner, Feedburner pinged Google and I sat back, waited a few seconds and started refreshing Google Blog Search to see how long it would take to get indexed.

This is the cool part, the blog post was indexed in Google in about a minute. I don’t know exactly how long but it was less than a minute. Pretty cool, huh?

Was it a fluke?

Tonight I published another post and tried again. This time it took just 120 seconds to be indexed in Google Blog Search. I took some screenshots below.

How fast can you get your blog posts indexed? Maybe some of you could take screen capture videos and we can see who is the fastest?