Google is out of control – 38 new search products in 70 days

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  • December 14, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

The SEO industry has always been hard to follow but the last few months/years have seen unprecedented changes to the results being displayed. Ever since universal search catapulted videos and local business listings in front of searchers there has been too many different mediums for most people to understand.

During the last 70 days Google has launched no less than 38 new search products from social search to real time search and each one has a different algorithm and requires different optimisation techniques.

According to The Telegraph & Marissa Mayer the next big breakout area for Google is going to be language.

“Imagine what it would be like if there was a tool built into the search engine which translated my search query into every language and then searched the entire world’s websites,” she says. “And then invoked the translation software a second and third time as to not only then present the results in your native language, but then translated those sites in full when you clicked through.

Right now if you type a search query into Google in English, the servers crawl only English-language sites and deliver only English-language results. But this will change and Google are working on it.”

Google has done some stupid things over the last few years but auto translating a query and then displaying auto translated copy back to users is probably the worst idea I have ever heard.

People say that Google is clever at adding these listings but the truth is they are doing it so badly its laughable.

Local listings rely on IP targeting which simply doesn’t work in the UK because of the way BT handles IP addresses. Google knows this and still displays the results.

They also pay no attention at all to click data in universal search results – I have never clicked a YouTube listing in the search results in my life and yet they still display for the majority of things I search for. Why?

Real time search is a joke as well, when I search for something why would a twitter status update from somebody I don’t know be useful? Why are Google not looking at things like trust and relevancy here?

As for their customer support take a look at the maps forum and see hundreds of poor business owners trying to fix their broken listings with no response from Google.

I’m a big fan of Google but to see them making such a mess of everything they do in the UK at the moment is unbelievably frustrating.

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