Google nukes lots of Web Directories

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  • September 3, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

An interesting topic has started up on Sphinn about Google apparently giving a penalty to a lot of popular web directories.

Sites such as Aviva Directory, Alive Directory, Big Web Links, ewebpages, Directory Dump, Elegant Directory and probably more now don’t rank for their own names.

The sites are still indexed indicating either a manual or algorithmic penalty has been applied. There is more discussion in this thread.

Why is Google doing this?

Google is either penalizing sites that link out to bad neighbourhoods (unlikely) or has given the penalty for either buying or selling links (more likely).

Why Google doesn’t come right out and tell everybody why these sites have been hit is beyond me. If they told people and gave specific reasons everybody would take notice. As it is people will carry on as normal.

What do you think?

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