Google Plus Circles now appearing in SERPs

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  • October 12, 2011
Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes

Senior Insights and Analytics Analyst

Recently, Branded3 has been getting a feel for Google+ and we also love posting about new things in the SERPs. So, whilst doing some work for a client, I came across this interesting little result and thought you might all like to know. As we know, the SERPs are always changing, so only time will tell if these new listings will remain as they are.

Google Plus Circles

When these results for Matt Cutts’s and Rand Fishkin’s blog posts came up in a Google search, not only does it display their author names and images, but there is a link to their Google+ profiles as well as information on the number of Google+ circles they are included in.

Last year it was announced that Google was using social signals to help determine rankings. Then in March, Google tried to get one-up on Facebook with its +1 button. What does it mean now that Google are implementing this change? It certainly improves use experience, by allowing them to determine easily whether an author is well known, or reputable.

The link to Google+ is obviously in the favour of Google, whilst being useful to the user. For example, if you’ve read a good article and want to contact the author – but the article is a guest post with no link back to the author’s site or profile, finding contact details from this kind of search might not have been possible.

This shows the importance of developing a social media campaign not just for your business, but for the key people in your business. It is important to make these people aware of the effect social media has on business and to educate them as to how to do this. If you think your brand needs a social boost or if you think your boss needs to get on Google+ feel free to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.