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  • May 12, 2011
Douglas Radburn

Douglas Radburn

Head of Technical

Whilst doing an internal site audit for our own site, we began to notice some strange outcomes with the search results.

We wanted to check where our site ranked for certain keyphrases. As this was going to take a while, and we had no idea where we might appear, it made sense to check for 100 results at a time.

What we found was that Google returns differing results when you ask for 100 results at a time, as opposed to going through 10 pages of 10 results at a time. You can see this below. Unfortunately, we figured this out too late and had already done a fair bit of by-eye rank checking, which had to be redone!

Search results – “leeds digital agency”

10 per page (click to enlarge)

Leeds Digital Agency (6th Position)

100 per page.

Leeds Digital Agency (10th Position)

This begs the question – what position are we?

Our very own Andrew Rodgers discusses this over on his blog seolivewire in relation to how it affects client ranking when using automated tools too.

As ever, you can find me on twitter to discuss – @douglasradburn

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