Dear Google, you scare me

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  • October 25, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Dear Google,

Recently you’ve been doing some strange stuff and seem to have forgotten how to communicate and quite frankly it’s getting me worried.

I really don’t care about PageRank updates or downgrades but what gets me scared is when you make these changes without telling people whats going on. Every webmaster that had a PR reduction is logging on to their stats and checking rankings every 10 minutes to see if a ranking penalty is about to hit them.

Reputable bloggers that were nice enough to take your helpful advice about using nofollow and not selling links are now scratching their heads wondering what they did wrong and nobody seems to have the answer.

People are sat at their computer screens having never sold a link in their lives wondering whether their sites will get caught up in some kind of penalty. Obviously we know that they won’t because they follow the guidelines but the point is that you make people like me scared even though we’ve done nothing wrong.

What kind of company generates a climate of fear amongst people it doesn’t even have a financial relationship with?

What happened to your promise of better communication?

A few years ago you were just a search engine. Now you have a direct influence over peoples lives and paychecks and that requires a whole new level of social responsibility, now is the time to take that responsibility.

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