Great SEO Starts with the Right People

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  • October 1, 2009
Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter

Hiring the right SEO team is tough for even the most experienced SEO’s. You’ve had a lot of success getting high rankings, growing your traffic and nurturing the bottom line, but when it comes to growing your own SEO team, do you have an expert’s toolkit?

Great SEO Starts with the Right People - so hire the right seo team

SEO is attitude and aptitude over experience

That statement might not be true if you’re looking out for a big hitting SEO Manager to drive your strategy forward, but it definitely applies when you’re recruiting your “front line” team.  Link builders, researchers, analysts and content authors can all be trained provided that you’re prepared to put in the time to sort out their all important skills and knowledge. Let’s imagine you’re bringing in a few new recruits, and you’re happy to start from a reasonably basic level to get them up to speed. What characteristics are you looking out for, and how can you make finding the right people a more productive experience?

The group interview

One of the most time consuming problems with team selection is the primary interview stage. Each candidate gets an hour of your time, and you could need to speak to as many as 8 to 10 people to find 2 or 3 great people. How do you feel about freeing up 25% of your available working week? Consider running a group interview to free up your diary. While you’re designing your group interview, set group tasks appropriately to identify the character profiles and team interactivity you need. Setting group tasks and presentations in this environment can really help your best potential people shine, in a way a one to one interview rarely does.

Filter those CV’s

What are you looking out for? Work through all of your CV’s and find the top 8. In your hunt, you don’t always need to see a direct background in SEO. Instead, look out for exposure to the digital environment, an analytical / statistical maths qualification, a strong sporting or musical qualification background or anything that screams commitment, competitiveness, perseverance and intelligence. You could find skills that can lead to your next great SEO, say, in a writer with a blog who casually mentions they’ve built their WordPress layout and own CSS during the interview.


After you’ve run your group interviews, continue to the usual second stage full interviews knowing that you’ve already got a list of candidates with the right qualities and skills needed to learn SEO. Following the simple rule of attitude and aptitude over experience can really streamline your selection process and will always end with a brighter, keener SEO team.

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