Green Tree Warehousing suffers reputation management nightmare

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  • May 29, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Green Tree Warehousing Ltd, a packing company based in Doncaster, have suffered a reputation management nightmare at the hands of some money laundering “rockphish” criminals.

The criminals have created copies of the website which include a fake job advert designed to promote a non-existant financial coordinators job. The job advert requires a cash transfer to an anonymous account.

The problem is that the fake websites are all being indexed in Google making some very confusing search results. Try this search to see the sites being indexed and then try searching for “green tree warehousing ltd” and even “contract packing doncaster“.

One of the big problems is that the scammers have been sending out large quantities of spam emails which have resulted in people wrongly calling out Green Tree Warehousing on various anti-scam forums. These results are going to rank for their company name for years without correct reputation management.

Internet fraud expert Bob Harrison is on the case and has tried to get the sites shut down. 123-reg isn’t being helpful apparently. My suggestion would be a quick note to Matt Cutts so he can get these sites removed from Google ASAP.

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