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  • August 30, 2007

StumbleUpon sends a lot of traffic to BlogStorm and it is probably the easiest of the social networks to use.

Daily Moolah has a guide on Leveraging StumbleUpon that tells you everything you need to know about Stumbling.

The one point I don’t agree with is trying to manipulate StumbleUpon in public. Posting your url on sites like Digital Point is asking for trouble. Hundreds of users get banned from Digg every year for asking for Diggs on Digital Point and it wouldn’t surprise me if StumbleUpon start taking spam more seriously.

If you really have content worthy of a Stumble it doesn’t need much help to get a few thousand visitors.

Patrick Altoft

About Patrick Altoft

Patrick is the Director of Strategy at Branded3 and has spent the last 11 years working on the SEO strategies of some of the UK's largest brands. Patrick’s SEO knowledge and experience is highly regarded by many, and he’s regularly invited to speak at the world’s biggest search conferences and events.

  • Gadget

    I’ve got a lot of traffic from Stumble Upon. I agree, Stumble Upon is easiest of the social networks to use (and to get traffic too)

  • Tom

    Thanks for this link. I’ve been reading your blog since you started and I really enjoy your tips. I’ve used a few them and have seen my traffic increase steadily and remain strong.

    Keep up the good work, I’ll be reading!

  • Dev from Daily Moolah

    Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for linking to my post. I agree that forum posters should ask for stumbles or diggs with vigilance. I’ll do a small follow up on how they can hide their tracks better with tools such as and



  • Chris

    StumbleUpon has actually “condoned” trading stumbles. There was a big name Stumble Trade site recently that talked directly with them. It is against their TOS, however they plainly said that it was ok… for the time being.

    Use that knowledge as you wish.

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