Heard it on the tweet vine? Business applications of Twitter’s new app

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  • January 30, 2013
Georgia Halston

Georgia Halston

Social Media Strategist

Last week social media giant Twitter launched Vine, a standalone app that allows for GIF-style video sharing on the platform.

The micro-blogging nature, characteristic of Twitter has not in the past leant itself massively to aesthetic value, especially in comparison to rising social stars such as Pinterest. In recent times, though, this seems to have evolved with more opportunity to exhibit images on your profile, as well as a far more structured format for image sharing.

That step further into video sharing sees the platform making the most of all avenues of content. With a twist on video, Twitter has produced Vine to make GIF style videos – a format so kitsch that it has now received a retro-style niche following. This is the same rise in popularity that we have seen with filter-based photography apps and platforms such as Instagram, which could attribute some of their success to the same roots.

Social analytics company Simply Measured is one of many that claims that, in the world of Facebook at least, the rich medium of video is shared 12 times as much as posts containing both text and links. The new app could be their ticket into social media 2.0 but it really is something that remains to be seen.

A lot of big brands have been seen to be tinkering with the new tool, creating fun and, above all, sharable content. An interesting point to make, though, is that the app seemed to be germinating in Twitter’s walled garden since Facebook decided to cut all ties with Vine.

But today, an interesting development on the story came from talented New York developer Michael Schonfeld with his site vineit.co, which allows users to share their Vine videos on Tumblr and across the web, sending a wrecking ball through the walls of Twitter’s garden.

Check out some of these brand Vine video efforts (obviously, we’ve experimented and created our own at the end using vineit.co!):






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