Hogwarts, Active Cinemas and Instagram Challenges

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  • September 4, 2015
William Hobson

William Hobson

Senior Digital PR Strategist

The time has come for us from the PR team to take a look at our favourite campaigns this week. It certainly has been an interesting one!

Burger King: #SettleTheBeef – Who Needs McDonalds?

After the saga surrounding the #SettleTheBeef open letter from Burger King to McDonald’s last week, we were really interested to see how it continued. They may have been unable to lure their biggest rival into a charity-minded collaboration, but four other chains have stepped in to fill the McWhopper void.

Denny, Wayback Burgers, Krystal and Giraffas will be teaming up with Burger King to offer a Peace Day co-branded burger on September 21st.  Some of the original tweets from Denny’s and Crystal are below. We thought this was a brilliant way to settle the beef and kudos to the other brands for the reactive PR.


Rugby Rail Station: James S. Potter’s first day at Hogwarts

September 1st 2015 marked a very special day for Harry Potter fans from all around the world. It was the day featured in the very last film as 19 years later, where Harry’s son James is seen boarding the Hogwarts Express for his very first day at the school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Management at Rugby Rail Station decided to have a little fun with this and put a giant smile on everyone’s faces by advertising trains to Hogwarts. We absolutely loved this, as it was such a simple and fun way to get involved.


Cancer Research: #DNAtrail

To promote the construction of the Francis Crick Institute, an exciting new biomedical research facility being built near Kings Cross Station, Cancer Research have created an art trail across London. Made up of 21 beautifully-designed giant sculptures, the trail has run from June until Sunday 6th September.

They have been designed by some of the biggest names in art and design such as Orla Kiely, to name just one. They will be auctioned off after the close of the trail to raise as much money as possible for the amazing cause.


Reebok: Treadmill-powered cinema

As part of a campaign to promote their new ZPump runners, Reebok surprised viewers at a major cinema in South Korea. As the screening was about to start, Reebok interrupted proceedings to reveal a pair of treadmills at the front of the cinema.

Pairs of Reeboks were lined up waiting for moviegoers sat in the first two rows of the theatre. After a volunteer tried them out, others followed and some were invited up by having their seat number called out. To keep the video playing, the viewers had to run on the treadmill, hence the tagline “Run the Movie”.

We thought this was such a fun and unique way to promote the new trainer, gaining great engagement from the audience.

Hyundai: The SUV Quiz

Brands are really becoming savvier by using a greater number of social media platforms to engage with their audience. This latest campaign by Hyundai does just that via Instagram.

The car manufacturer created an easy-to-follow quiz that uses 18 separate Instagram accounts and nearly 400 images to help users decide which SUV is right for them.

We thought this was a really nice use of Instagram and a fun way to promote a product that’s not usually so engaging. Try out the quiz yourself at @Hyundai_Quiz_Start


Listerine: Feel a smile

Listerine have created an app that helps blind people ‘feel a smile’ as part of a shift away from their usual oral health jargon.

The mobile app used augmented reality and facial recognition technology to help blind people know when someone is smiling at them. With their phone around their neck, the phone’s camera can detect a smile up to five meters away and notifies the user with a sound or vibration.

We loved how Listerine have decided to focus on a different technique to engage with their users and step away from the usual education-inspired language normally associated with oral health.

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