Hop aboard the Love Train…’You’ve Pulled’

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  • February 12, 2016
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

It’s been a pretty busy week in PR with the imminent arrival of St Valentine, and it’s actually been pretty tricky whittling down our favourites!

Thankfully, those that have jumped on the Valentine’s band wagon have done it really well and although simple, they are pure genius. I’m not sure they’ll beat last year’s 50 Shades of SpongeBob but they’re pretty good.

Sweethearts since…

The sweetest of them all (there’s a pun in there somewhere) has to be American candy company Necco, who is celebrating 150 years of their heart shaped confectionary by expanding the definition of ‘sweetheart’.

As part of the ‘Sweethearts since’ campaign, Necco is inviting you to share sweet stories of love, friendship and words from the heart which are then presented on this brilliant platform, displaying ‘sweethearts’ in chronological order right from the 1860s.

The best part of Necco’s campaign is their winners: Jack and George. Now in their 80s, they have been “sweethearts” for 55 years and wed last year shortly after the legalisation of same-sex marriage in America. Watch their story below – it’s adorable!

All aboard the Love Train

Virgin Holidays has been smashing it lately, and their new Love Train has to be one of our favourites in a long time.

This Valentine’s, Virgin Holidays is inviting singles to hop aboard their love carriage and really put the ‘speed’ into speed dating – 125mph to be exact.

To go one better, the travel firm has called on our favourite host in Channel 4’s First Dates – maître d’, Fred Siriex – to play matchmaker to the potential suitors.

Unfortunately, application for tickets closed yesterday, but we can’t wait to hear if there’ll be any Love Carriage weddings any time soon!

You’ve Pulled

We love hearing local stories, so when we came across the UK’s first aphrodisiac meat rub by Ilkley butchers Lishman’s, we just LOVED it!

The aptly named ‘You’ve Pulled’ pork rub contains ingredients such as cocoa, dry sparkling wine and rose water, and has been lovingly concocted alongside Meat Lust to ensure lusty lovers get in the mood this Valentine’s with a delectable pulled pork dish.



What’s your biggest regret?

Although this one isn’t a Valentine’s campaign, it’s definitely a heart warmer. Strayer University had the clever idea of placing a giant chalk board in the middle of NYC, asking passers-by to write down their biggest regret.

Once filled, a common term became apparent across the chalk board…”not”.

“Not applying to med school”, “not saying I love you” and “never following my dreams” were amongst the regrets. This clever stunt resulted in the board being cleaned of all the regrets and the words ‘Clean Slate’ replacing them. Strayer University wanted to illustrate a key lesson to all of us that every day is a clean slate and to ‘do the things you’ll regret not doing’.

I told you it was heart-warming!

The 10ft ATM

It’s safe to say Canadian basketball fans are pretty excited with the arrival of the NBA All-Star game which is going north of the border for the first time, with the event held in Toronto.

To jump on the anticipation, the Bank of Montreal has been more than accommodating to the towering athletes by installing a monstrous 10ft tall bank machine in the BMO building at First Canadian Palace.



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