Horror lists, Black cab blackspots and Breakfast at Carluccio’s – our favourite PR campaigns for the week.

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  • March 23, 2018
Kerry McGreene

Kerry McGreene

Digital PR Executive

Thank goodness it’s Friday!! Before we set off for the weekend, let’s have a look at the fabulous PR campaigns circulating the web this week.

Netflix’s original horror list

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to horror films and have been known to turn them off before the movie has even finished!

I am obviously not alone in this as Netflix has just revealed the top ten horror movies their viewers are too scared to watch all the way through.

Using their own data, the tv entertainment giants have analysed the horror films where viewers switch off after watching at least 70% – suggesting that they are too scared to watch the whole film.

The Conjuring, Cabin Fever, and Piranha were among the ten horror films viewers are too terrified to finish.


This is great PR campaign by Netflix, by using their own data they have created a campaign which naturally piques the interest of everyone – whether you enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching a horror film or prefer to hide behind a pillow like me.

Black cab blackspots

Whether it’s after a night out or a day of shopping, black cabs can often be our saviours from a long walk home – but black cabs can be quite pricey!

Regtransfers.co.uk set out to discover the most expensive black cabs in Britain to produce the UK Taxi Price Index.

The private number plates specialists used local authority data to find out the average costs for one, two, three, four and five-mile journeys in 25 cities. The UK Taxi Index then uses this data to calculate the average cost per mile to reveal to most and least expensive cities for a black cab.


We like this campaign as it uses official data to create an interesting interactive map which has not only proved to be effective PR but will also be beneficial for SEO as well.

Breakfast at Carluccio’s

There’s nothing cosier than a dressing gown and it can be heart-breaking to take it off before leaving the house. Carluccio’s is making the ultimate dressing down dream become a reality with their Breakfast by Carluccio’s stunt.

To celebrate the launch of their new breakfast menu, Carluccio’s are offering customers a free hearty breakfast – just as long as they turn up to the restaurant in their dressing gown.


While you get a few funny looks walking through the city centre in your dressing gown, enjoying a nice meal for free definitely makes it all worthwhile!

Millennials go mad for Easter Avocados

Last week we reported that Virgin trains offered a deal on travel cards for those who posted pictures with Avocados. While the stunt received mixed reviews, Waitrose’s’ Easter PR stunt has shown that millennials are actually a little mad for the green stuff.

Waitrose recently launched an avocado inspired Easter egg, and while the egg may not actually contain any avocado, it has not stopped millennials grabbing the eggs off the shelf.


The Easter egg has become most popular own brand egg in the shop’s 114-year history, with the product being repeatedly being sold out in stores and online in the last month

It’s great that Waitrose has tapped into young Brit’s love for Avocado’s – not only has it resulted in amazing sales for the supermarket, but they have also attracted whole new demographic of young Brits who may not have considered shopping at Waitrose before.

So, there you have our campaigns of the week! You can read more fabulous campaigns here which also focused on International Women’s Day .