How Marie Curie, Subway and Think! are all making headlines this week

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  • November 3, 2017
Rebecca Hayler

Rebecca Hayler

PR Executive

Halloween has been and gone and winter is officially here now we’re in November. But what are brands up to this week? We’ve been inspired by many campaigns, some around Christmas and others celebrating new launches like Stranger Things coming back on to our screens. Many brands this week are also supporting charities and creating campaigns for the greater good.

Think! Have you seen the Pink Kittens film?

The government’s safety campaign, Think! Pink Kittens has been executed brilliantly. The government wanted to produce an advert that would attract the younger generation and encourage people to stay off their phones while driving, and in our eyes, it’s done just that.

It shows a fast-moving 2.3 second shot of what a driver or passenger would see from their car. The film is then slowed down to show what you may have missed and whether you saw the pink kitten in the first 2.3 seconds.

The slowed down version shows that there are many different versions of pink kittens, but the ending shot of a woman and daughter about to be run over by a man who is on his phone while driving is by far the most impactful.

This is a great way of highlighting the dangers of using your phone while behind the wheel. Watch for yourself and see if you notice the kitten in the first 2.3 seconds.

Go to Winona’s Stranger Things house with Snapchat AR

Stranger Things snapchat

Snapchat has taken augmented reality to the next level in celebration of the new Stranger Things series hitting our screens this week. To get it, you just need to scan the Snapchat QR code. You can then walk through Joyce Byer’s (aka Winona Ryder’s) house.

This is a huge step-up from Snapchat’s standard virtual graphics and is an indicator of how the future of AR might work. It’s great that Snapchat has been the ones to set the bar high, having had so much success in the industry so far.

See a glimpse of the room:

Subway fights hunger live

Friday the 3rd of November is World Sandwich Day, and Subway is celebrating in New York City by helping to fight hunger. With the public’s help, Subway plans to donate meals to hunger relief charities across the globe. 60,000 Subway restaurants are getting involved with the cause.

There will be a live feed that shows how many donations have been made in their Madison Square Park headquarters to try and encourage more people to get involved and help fight hunger with them.

Brands are continuing to get involved with charity work, and Subway has chosen the perfect charity to support. If you want to get involved, go to your nearest Subway and donate now. You can keep track of the donations on the official site.

Your salary, only better

You may have recently seen an asset which reveals how quickly the Kardashians make your yearly sum. Be warned that we might be talking hours, not days.

And a company called Inkifi has taken it a step further by creating an asset that reveals how much you could earn on Instagram if you’d turned it into a money-making venture, like all those influencers you follow. If you have 1k followers, you might be lucky enough to earn £4.30 on one of your posts.

Doesn’t sound bad right? That’s until you compare it Kim Kardashian West, who earns £450k for one post, thanks to her 104 million followers.

Both campaign is extremely simple and highlights the huge earning power of celebrities and social influencers around the world today.

A Christmas tree powered by memories

Marie Curie Memory Christmas Tree

Popular charity Marie Curie has decided to put Christmas at the forefront of our minds this week, creating a heart-warming campaign that asks people to share memories on social media using the hashtag #LightUpXmas.

The more memories shared on social media, the brighter the Christmas lights will shine on the brand’s tree, which will be sat in front of the London Eye on Southbank between the 4th and 17th December. This campaign is a reminder that this Christmas could be the last for many who are battling terminal illnesses, and the first without cherished loved ones for thousands.

It’s a beautiful way to raise awareness over the festive period. To get involved, make sure you use the hashtag #LightUpXmas and help make Marie Curie’s Christmas lights shine bright for everyone who needs it.

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