How @Ray_Ban brightened my Friday afternoon

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  • May 13, 2013
Laura Crimmons

Laura Crimmons

Communications Director

I was feeling my usual Friday afternoon lull, you know the one, when all you really want is for it to be 5pm and the weekend but you actually have three hours of work left. Then I got back from a meeting to find a parcel waiting for me at my desk, considering I didn’t remember ordering anything I was most excited.

I opened the package to find it full of goodies from Ray Ban – a beach towel, some playing cards (which I absolutely did not play with during work time) and a cotton bag. A nice little treat considering I couldn’t for the life of me think of why I’d received it. I then found the note which had the PeerPerks logo in the top corner.

For anyone who’s not aware, PeerPerks is created by PeerIndex which previously just measured social influence but now aims to reward those most influential on social media. They do this through ‘rewards’, basically discounts, and ‘perks’ (PeerPerks) which vary based on how influential you’re deemed to be.

You see I’d completely forgotten that I’d signed up to PeerPerks a while ago which Ray Ban is currently working with hence my surprise when the parcel arrived. Anyway, here’s the card I received alongside the gifts:

Peerperks Rayban

Needless to say this worked and I did indeed tweet about the goodies and have written this blog post so mission accomplished for them.


I have to say I’m impressed with Ray Ban’s use of PeerPerks; they’ve gone beyond simply offering a reward but also created further incentive to encourage sharing of the campaign. Just taking a look at people I follow on Twitter, you can see that its working and people are tweeting about the campaign:

Tweets Rayban

Other notable brands that have been using PeerPerks include blinkbox (from Tesco to win 10 free rentals), Style It Light (from Diet Coke to get a 3-6 month subscription to Look, Marie Claire or InStyle and a chance to attend Clothes Show Live) and Ford (to win a Ford Fiesta!)

Anyway, that’s how Ray Ban brightened my Friday afternoon (and made me really want a holiday). You can find out more about PeerPerks for marketers here and I have to say it’s certainly something I’ll be looking into further for client opportunities.