How to launch a new website

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  • April 23, 2008

Launching a new website is so amazingly hard that most people have sleepless nights for weeks before and still end up making a mess of it. Hopefully some of thet resources and articles below will help.

The key is that you have to drive a huge amount of traffic and you can’t do it via search or any other method – it has to come from getting links from popular news sites, blogs or perhaps social sites (although these users are less loyal). This is the only way your launch will be a success.

My main aims when launching a new website are as follows:

  1. Get as many links as possible
  2. Get as many visitors as possible
  3. Get as many subscribers to a blog or news feed as possible

These aims are pretty simple but it is amazing how many people don’t think about them. It is very important to take advantage of your initial storm of publicity to build some foundations for future success. The links you build from your launch will help your search engine rankings for years to come. The subscribers you build in your first week are the people who will help grow your brand for the next 5 years.

Successfully launching a new website has been described as an art form. By breaking it down into a series of small steps you can turn it into more of a science and make your chances of success much higher.

I’ve seen so many site owners that spend a huge amount of money building a site and then don’t have any budget for a massive viral launch. With hundreds of millions of sites being launched every year how do people expect to get traffic without doing some work? In my opinion the budget for marketing a site in the first month should be equal to the budget for building the site in the first place.

Read the articles below to learn more

From Blogstorm
How we got 30000 visitors in Week 1
How I built 10,000 links in 3 weeks
How I built 50,000 links in 11 weeks

A series I wrote at E-consultancy
How to launch a new website – design & creation
How to launch a new website – pre-launch
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How to launch a new website – post launch

Patrick Altoft

About Patrick Altoft

Patrick is the Director of Strategy at Branded3 and has spent the last 11 years working on the SEO strategies of some of the UK's largest brands. Patrick’s SEO knowledge and experience is highly regarded by many, and he’s regularly invited to speak at the world’s biggest search conferences and events.

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  • Chetan

    Great resources Patrick :)
    The most amazing thing was getting huge number of links in a very short time. And 30k visitors in a week during the start.

  • Siddharth

    Yes people forget the very simple basics of starting a websites, they flow money on building it but I don’t think they do enough advertisement of their website to get visitors.

  • Bull Gang Tactical

    The launch and the follow up a few weeks after is the hardest part. But I feel that relaunching can be just as hard. Maintaining all of those links can be tough too.

  • Helpful debs

    the 3 reader comments on the how to launch a new website are blank!

  • Ramona Iftode

    My advantage now, after 6 years since I started my first site, is that I have a network of sites and can promote any new project there too. Some are forums with nice traffic and exposure and this would guarantee some first visitors. I agree that too many people fail to understand the importance of promotion. A new site with a good promotion will launch just nice.

  • Bob Mc Millen

    This is a very helpful site. Good work! I just launched a new web site–my goal was to make an easy to use HD Destination Video Guide. I’d appreciate comments on it? What do you think–good–bad?

    Bob Mc Millen

  • Ivan

    The last sentence:

    “….the budget for marketing a site in the first month should be equal to the budget for building the site in the first place.”

    Is probbably the most accurate estimate of the generalist budget requirement for the web site launch I have read jet.

    Well done!

  • deltawing1

    “…the budget for marketing a site in the first month should be equal to the budget for building the site in the first place.”

    Not always true. There are plenty of websites with $0 spent on marketing that have become successful. Marketing only works (in the long term), if the product is valuable to the users. If the product has no value maybe lots of people will visit initially, then leave forever.

  • Jen King

    Another step that’s often left out: make sure there’s no mistakes on your site before you launch. Use editing services that cater to websites, such as Elite Editing (

  • imran

    i have designed a web site please help me in launching it.

    this is an important website

    pleace help

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  • Adam Paudyal

    I agree with deltawing1. Some of the sites I have created have been successful without spending a dime on marketing.

    Certain marketing strategies like writing valuable content, search engine optimization, using social medias,…etc can be great assets while marketing your site.

    Agree with you about the product part as well. If you offer great products or services that is in demand then you will never have to spend any money marketing.

  • harish kumar

    i agree with deltawing. i have create new website so please lounch a new website

  • Ravi

    It can be very hard to succesfuly launch a website, the main points I think is link building and time.

  • Rob

    Content, links & visitors is how to launch a new website.. write for the user & all the rest will follow – Cheers Guys, Rob

  • Emad Dafterdar

    “Get as many links as possible”

    I am lunching a new site and would like to understand the amount of operation required to run and maintain the site after getting linked to other sites for information feeds and more. Do I pay for such information or is it free? Is it better to get a content management system?

  • chris

    how to you go about doing up a web narketing budget? enjoyed reading this blog. thanks chris

  • Breda

    Read your pre-launch article as well. Thank you Patrick for the quality information

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