How to promote long term linkbait

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  • March 29, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Long term linkbait is a fantastic strategy and works far better than writing Top 10 articles and other short term solutions for the simple reason that you are providing value.

The first step to creating long term linkbait is to create some timeless content such as a pillar article or tutorial that can be referenced by other sites. For example my Google Analytics tutorial is quite helpful and will continue to attract links as long as it remains current and updated.

Marketing Strategy

  1. Promote on social news sites
  2. Pitch to bloggers in your niche
  3. Pitch to people who have already written about the subject and hope they add a link to your article as well
  4. Get your article to the top of the Google results so people researching for future articles can find it
  5. Set up Google Alerts to notify you about any new articles on related subjects. Email the writer and suggest your article as an additional resource.

The idea is that you create the best and most comprehensive article about a certain subject and then make sure that any articles written in the past or the future include a link to your article. Simple but effective.

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