How To Smash Through Googles Glass Ceiling

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  • October 18, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Last week there was some SEO discussion about a perceived Glass Ceiling effect in Google. The symptoms of which are totally flat traffic from Google over a long period.

We covered breaking through traffic barriers back in 2007 but the focus of that article was a general increase in traffic rather than specifically increasing Google traffic.

We see websites on a regular basis that are flat-lining with no perceivable traffic increase for months or even years and our approach is always the same.

  • Step 1: Expand
  • Step 2: Promote


Most sites which have plateaued can gain additional traffic by creating a lot more content. All things being equal a blog with 10,000 posts will get a lot more traffic than a blog with 1,000 posts.

The simple reason for this is that a web-page normally ranks for 2 or 3 keywords & phrases in its title tag. The more pages you have the more keywords you can potentially rank for.

Methods of expansion include directories, news articles, blog posts and even the simple task of adding more products or services to your inventory.

With a little imagination any website can be expanded to rank for whole new sets of keywords.


Adding thousands or hundreds of thousands of new pages to a website isn’t going to help unless the increase in pages is matched by an appropriate increase in TrustRank and PageRank.

In simple terms you need to increase the quality of links you can attract and move your site a few notches up the Trust scale.

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