How to start a new blog in the Make Money Online niche

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  • December 3, 2007

Etienne emailed with a question today about how new bloggers can get started in a tough industry:

What will be your advice to a new blogger who intends to start on a niche that is already saturated eg. “Make Money Online”?

My first advice is that the more competitive the industry the better. Why? Because the more blogs there are in a niche the easier it is to get links and readers. If the biggest blog in your niche has 500,000 RSS readers then it is very easy for you to get 500 readers. If the leader in your niche has 1000 readers then it will be much harder for you to build any buzz for your new site.

The next piece of advice is to approach things from a different angle. The only dedicated make money online blog people really need to read is John Chow’s. I’ve yet to find any value in most of the other blogs because a lot of them post about the same things. This problem exists in most industries but over the last few months the make money online industry seems to have filled up with blogs whose purpose is to help the owner make money online rather than the readers.

If I wanted to start a blog in a competitive industry I would make sure people had a reason to read my blog over all the others. For example if you have a news blog you need to write news before it gets featured on the major news sites and blogs, be original and break the stories first.

If you want to start a blog about internet marketing or making money online you need to write top quality content and somehow persuade the really big bloggers to link to your site rather than other peoples. Larger sites frequently write about news they have read on smaller sites so if you can consistently be that smaller site you will find people wanting to subscribe to your feed so they get the news quicker.

The only way to build a blog is to get as many links from other blogs as possible. How you go about that task is up to you.

Patrick Altoft

About Patrick Altoft

Patrick is the Director of Strategy at Branded3 and has spent the last 11 years working on the SEO strategies of some of the UK's largest brands. Patrick’s SEO knowledge and experience is highly regarded by many, and he’s regularly invited to speak at the world’s biggest search conferences and events.

  • Rajab

    I would like to add something which every blog should have, which is remarkable content. I have been following BlogStorm since it was born and observed how it did things. The only reason I read this blog is because of the content. Patrick is unique and uniqueness is what makes a blog better.

    If you are unique, then your site will be a big success!

  • Nick

    Good advice, I’ll be sure to take heed of it over the coming weeks.

  • Nick Flame

    This is the most stupid post i have ever read in my life. I was looking for the “classical press here to read more” link but it seems that this is all. I can not believe this sh1t, i dunno how your blog has managed to be in my reader with such crappy posts, really.

  • Patrick Altoft

    @Nick Flame – maybe you want to do a guest post on the subject if you are such an authority?

  • Etienne Teo

    Hi patrick, thanks for taking my question up as a blog post and i will have a portion of your answer quoted in my next post after i do a compilation of what others have to say as well.

  • Ronald

    It seems everyone has a big idea about making money online. Making money online is just like making money anywhere else. To make money online you need to write good quality content.

  • Nick Flame

    “The only way to build a blog is to get as many links from other blogs as possible. How you go about that task is up to you”

    This is basically everything that you said in your post. Be serious. You either did not want to say anything about this subject, or you did not finish the post yet, or perhaps you were busy, but i hardly believe that this all that you can say when you start a “How to start a new blog in the Make Money Online niche” blog post.
    Sadly disappointing.
    I am pretty sure that not only me, but 90% of your readers can post something more useful about this subject. I mean, be serious man.

  • Patrick Altoft

    @Nick Flame, as I said, if you want to say my posts are poor then that’s fine. Just have the guts to show me your site and write a better post.

  • Maki

    “The only dedicated make money online blog people really need to read is John Chow’s. I’ve yet to find any value in most of the other blogs because a lot of them post about the same things.”

    Hmmmm…Patrick, I respect you as a marketer but I wouldn’t agree with this recommendation/statement at all.

    There are quite a few who don’t post about the same things and most would argue that they provide content of much higher relevance and value than Chow’s site.

    I know its your opinion but to say that his site is the only one worth reading is an unnecessary exaggeration IMO.

    Email me if you want the links to some other great blogs.

  • Patrick Altoft

    Maki, my comment probably wasn’t well explained. I meant that for the casual observer they can get most of the important news from John Chow. The fact I read dozens of blogs dedicated to making money online is testament to the fact that everybody who is serious about the industry should read as much as possible.

  • [email protected]

    This is a great article and has been one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments that you get occassionaly. I’m not sure if the blog bubble though will burst much like the dotcom boom of the mid nineties, interesting views and ideas though.

  • Website design company

    Thanks a lot for your post man. I am thinking to develop a new blog website, your information will help me a lot.

  • David

    Curious post – not sure what to get out of it. I guess what I am asking is, does a blogger interested in the mmo niche start off in that huge category (can’t really call it a niche) by gaining as much readership as possible, then slim down to focus on the niche which in the process would shake off the dead-weight (those not interested in the niche), and then you are left with your true intended audience? Or do you try to keep as much readership as possible, and spread out your original intended message? Just curious which seems to work better for blogging – shotgun or laser marketing approaches? Thanks!

  • Helen Hunt – Free Links

    Thanks Patrick for this post.
    I know it’s a bit out of date, but the information and tips in it are still very much valid to this very day.

    Thanks for posting it and I hope you didn’t take Nick Flame’s comment seriously :)

  • Mark (Isle of Wight, UK)


    I’ve just come across your site and am enjoying some great articles, many thanks.

    I am just thinking of starting such a website, as blog of my own learning experiences in trying to make a couple of successful blogs, and must thank you for making me stop and re-consider my strategy and market angle for this.

    Since your article I think the market is even more saturated, but I still believe there are good opportunities for people with a genuine interest in business and helping people.

    Thanks again, Mark.

  • Bruignguani

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  • greystar

    Great stuff! Will keep coming back for updated quality content

  • Leona

    I am trying to find the right site for not only our small business in the printing industry, because #1 of all of the competitors in our area, but, I have came up with an idea, and I want to start with the blog sites. Can anyone help me with this, because I know what I want it is just where do I start, to get this idea out there????????

  • Leona

    If there is someone that can help me, I would so greatly appreciate it!!! I have so many ideas, and do not know where to start, please if you are out there, please HelP!!!!!!!

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