How to start a new blog in the Make Money Online niche

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  • December 3, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Etienne emailed with a question today about how new bloggers can get started in a tough industry:

What will be your advice to a new blogger who intends to start on a niche that is already saturated eg. “Make Money Online”?

My first advice is that the more competitive the industry the better. Why? Because the more blogs there are in a niche the easier it is to get links and readers. If the biggest blog in your niche has 500,000 RSS readers then it is very easy for you to get 500 readers. If the leader in your niche has 1000 readers then it will be much harder for you to build any buzz for your new site.

The next piece of advice is to approach things from a different angle. The only dedicated make money online blog people really need to read is John Chow’s. I’ve yet to find any value in most of the other blogs because a lot of them post about the same things. This problem exists in most industries but over the last few months the make money online industry seems to have filled up with blogs whose purpose is to help the owner make money online rather than the readers.

If I wanted to start a blog in a competitive industry I would make sure people had a reason to read my blog over all the others. For example if you have a news blog you need to write news before it gets featured on the major news sites and blogs, be original and break the stories first.

If you want to start a blog about internet marketing or making money online you need to write top quality content and somehow persuade the really big bloggers to link to your site rather than other peoples. Larger sites frequently write about news they have read on smaller sites so if you can consistently be that smaller site you will find people wanting to subscribe to your feed so they get the news quicker.

The only way to build a blog is to get as many links from other blogs as possible. How you go about that task is up to you.

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