How to Use Twitterfall: Digg Spy for Tweets

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  • January 27, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Twitterfall is a new application (kind of like Digg Spy) that lets you monitor upcoming trends on twitter. It was only launched a few days ago, but the reception seems very favourable. Although not groundbreaking, there are some unique positive points about the service.

First off, it lets you view up to 60 tweets. The frequency of the tweets monitored so far is pretty fast, in fact faster than twitter search.

By far the biggest benefit of the service is the customisation of your search trends – although this is in beta at the moment, I think there are some great opportunities to develop further.

Having tested it only for half an hour, I came up with the following uses for service:

  1. Build a list of keywords you want to monitor – its faster than twitter search.
  2. Want to follow only specific peoples tweets for a while? Create a list and add them as your custom filters.
  3. Find people with common interests as they tweet. Use your follow criteria keyword as filters.
  4. Want to follow a particular event or conference? Just use the hash tag or/keyword as the only custom filter.
  5. Use it like a customer support mechanism, pretty much like twitter search.

There are some hurdles for the developers to leap, especially adding the functionality to be able to link to a trending result, but I think the application will end up with many more uses than the few I have highlighted above.

About the author: Rishi is a Search Strategist specialising in Small Business SEM. If you like, you may follow him on twitter at

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