Hypnotism, Han Solo cardio and human bodies: PR roundup

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  • May 5, 2017
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

Green Flag goes mystical

Kicking off our favourite activity of the week is Green Flag. The breakdown cover provider has always followed quite a comical strategy with their Youtube channel and they’ve just added another to the collection titled #itsoktoswitch.

The video shows two die-hard footie fans being hypnotised during an Arsenal/Tottenham match in their local pub and subsequently supporting and cheering for the opposite team. The short video plays nicely on the fun, viral aspect with a quick link back to the message at the end: ‘they switched, could you?’

The video has received nearly 4k views in three days with coverage from The Sun, The Mirror and The Express.

Showing skin

This next one isn’t particularly a PR campaign but we think Pantano would be silly not to jump on it.

Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass is on a quest to create a ‘global mosaic’ of human skin tones. It started out as a graduate project, and now Humanae is an ongoing photo series that aims to capture as many skin tones as possible without commenting on age, gender, economic status or ethnicity.

For each photo, Dass takes an 11×11 pixel from the volunteer’s face. She then matches it to a corresponding Pantone colour and uses the shade as a background for the photo.

Capturing more than 2,500 portraits so far, Dass’ aim is to use the ‘internet as a discussion platform on ethnic identity, creating images that lead us to match us independent from factors such as nationality, origin, economic status, age or aesthetic standards’.


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Work out like a Jedi

David Lloyd gyms have been pretty noisy on the PR scene of late, with the UK’s first napercise class and now a Star Wars-themed exercise class to celebrate May 4th.

For yesterday only, the Manchester branch saw members kitted in Jedi robes, swapping their barbells for lightsabers in an hour-long cardio routine straight from the dark side.

Manager Jake French told the Manchester Evening News: “Whether you’re a die-hard fan or not, the workout promises to get the heart racing and will have everyone ready to rival Luke Skywalker with their lightsaber skills. May the fourth be with you at David Lloyd Manchester.’

Loose Women celebrate bodies

Un-airbrushed ‘real’ bodies have been quite the talking point this week as Kim Kardashian’s ample curves caused uproar once again.

But it seems the panel of Loose Women will be leading the body confidence conversations as we head into the summer with the new Loose Women’s Body Stories campaign, ‘you can look but you can’t retouch’.

As a result of their Frank and Fearless survey last year that found 97% of women weren’t happy about the way their bodies look, the Loose Women presenters set out on a mission to get women everywhere to flaunt their figures and celebrate their stretch marks, cellulite and scars.

To kick off the campaign, the women posed for an exclusive, un-edited photo shoot that displayed their insecurities and flaws via billboards that cropped up over the weekend. Each Loose Woman has also documented her personal story and body battles, which can be seen during the show.

Andrea McLean explained: “‘The campaign is for all of us to celebrate the stories our bodies tell us, no matter what age or shape we are. We look the way we do because of our life experiences and that makes us all unique.”

Read their stories here.

Loose Women

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Everyone loves a movie night

Tonight sees the launch of the Academy Award-winning film Manchester by the Sea on Amazon Prime Video.

To celebrate the town in which the drama is set, the online retail giant surprised residents with a ‘movie night in a box’, comprising of an Amazon Prime activation code and the essential microwave popcorn. So simple!



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