IKEA dresses Westeros, chicken for students, and beautiful scars

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  • August 18, 2017
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

Each week we pick 5 campaigns that made it big in the press, summing up how they did so well. This week we’ve got a varied bunch of campaigns, from big brands including Heinz, Nando’s, and IKEA. Find out why they made the cut…

Nando’s offers free chicken to A-level students on results day

August 17 was A-levels results day where students across the UK nervously awaited to find out whether they got the grades they wanted and the university placement they applied for.

After 14 years studying, the gruelling exams were the cherry on top of their pre-uni education. So it’s probably music to their ears that Nando’s is offering them free chicken, whatever results they get.

Students can choose a free ¼ chicken or Fire Starter as long as they head to their nearest restaurant with their ID, spend a minimum of £7, and show the staff their results.

Nando's chicken

Image source

Nando’s have achieved PR placements across national and regional press, with many going crazy over the offer on social media. The campaign targets the perfect audience – hungry students!

Though it might be slightly annoying that they have to spend £7, the campaign works because Nando’s is targeting a timely event and offering a delicious freebie!

Walkers crisps threaten to ditch three of their most popular flavours!

Staying food-related, Walkers launched a PR stunt claiming it is considering ditching three of its popular flavours – Salt and Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Smoky Bacon – and swapping them for international-inspired flavours including American Bacon and Cheddar, Spanish Paprika, and Lime and Black Pepper from Australia.

Putting its fate in the hands of the British public, the company is asking people to ‘choose me or lose me’ by voting for their favourite flavours on the campaign website here.

The ‘crisp referendum’, starting August 14th and closing October 22nd, has caused quite a stir with the public, who are outraged some of their favourite flavours could be scrapped. This is of course what they intended to do, so a well thought out campaign at that!

Walkers crisps PR campaign

Image source

Heinz turns Instagram food porn into real life

Heinz decided to turn people’s craving into reality, by enabling Instagram users to actually eat the delicious food posts they were drooling over.

Videos of burgers made by chef Santi Roig from Underdog Meat & Beers were what greeted Instagrammers who were searching through Stories at around lunch time.

Instagram food porn

Image source: Youtube

The chef then entered the scene and prompted people to do more than have their mouths water. By swiping upwards on the screen, users could order the burger, which Heinz would deliver to them in a personalized box, accompanied by some of the brand’s own products.

Heinz Instagram campaign

Image source: Youtube

You can watch the full campaign here:

This campaign took place in Brazil and has achieved international coverage. It did so well simply because the brand capitalised on a popular Instagram trend – #foodporn!

There is a huge conversation around food and how it rarely looks like the advert or picture on Instagram, and Heinz’s campaign reveals that the Instagram food look is in fact possible.

Photo series documents people’s scars and the stories behind them

Moving away from food campaigns, photographer Sophie Mayanne’s Behind the Scars is a photo series that showcases scars and the stories behind them.

As the Metro states: “From childhood, we’re taught that there’s something dark and dangerous about scars.” People view people with scars as people with flaws, and Sophie wanted to break that message down.

Her series Behind the Scars began as a piece for Petrie magazine in 2016, but once the project gained traction, others wanted to get involved and share their scars and stories. The photo series turns scars into artwork, challenging perceptions and raising questions about so-called ‘flaws’.

Woman with scars

The full photo series can be found here.

IKEA release instructions about ‘How To Make a ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cape’

Believe it or not, it has been revealed that the capes worn on Game of Thrones were actually made from IKEA rugs!

The actors have revealed that their costumes were in fact made out of rugs from IKEA, worth just $79.

IKEA rugs

Image source

In response, IKEA have released instructions on how you can get involved and create your own Game of Thrones-inspired attire:

Creating Game of Thrones cape - step one

Just cut a hole for your head in one of their $79 SKOLD rugs…

Creating Game of Thrones cape - step two

Pop the rug over your shoulders…

Creating Game of Thrones cape - step three

Image source

And you’ll be ready to take on the White Walkers!

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