IKEA, Made.com, and Topman: How they made the headlines this week

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  • October 13, 2017
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

From PR stunts to interactive assets, this week we’re summing up our top five favourite campaigns that have not only achieved coverage, but links, too!

Fashion brand Missy Empire reveals how long it takes the Kardashians to earn your salary

Kim Kardashian West Salary Asset

Ever wondered how long it would take Kim K or Kylie Jenner to earn your yearly salary? Missy Empire have recently launched a tool for you to work out just that. The “You vs. The Kardashians” asset asks users to input their annual salary to find out how long it would take each Kardashian to earn what you earn in a year.

So, the average wage in the UK is apparently £27,600, meaning it would take Kim K just 6 hours and 24 minutes to earn the same amount. When it comes to Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the pack at just 20 years old, it would take her 18 hours and 6 minutes.

Although wage calculators relating to celebrities has been done to death, this campaign appeals directly to Missy Empire’s core audience of young females, making the most of the nation’s desire to know everything and anything about the Kardashian’s lives. It’s relevant too, with nearly every one of them recently revealing their ‘pregnancies’, which is why they’ve already achieved coverage like this on The Metro.

Give it a go yourself here.

Ikea launch a new collection just for pets – and everyone’s going crazy for it!

As if our houses weren’t already full of Ikea furniture, the Swedish furniture brand have given a whole new meaning to “creature comforts”. The latest move from one of our favourite brands (see how many times they are mentioned in our campaigns of the week posts), sees the launch of a brand new furniture range designed exclusively for pets.

Adding cute animals to a campaign is one PR trick that can almost guarantee coverage and social shares, especially when executed in such a simple and genuine way. Prepare for cat spam!

Soil association reveal the UNHEALTHIEST children’s restaurant menus

The “Out To Lunch” campaign by Soil Association has been hitting headlines across national media this week, with their research into the healthiest and unhealthiest places to take your child for lunch.

The huge research campaign compares 25 popular restaurants in the UK including Nandos, Prezzo, and Mcdonalds, revealing the best places to eat, while naming and shaming the worst, too.

By highlighting shocking results such as Prezzo being less healthy than a McDonalds, the charity has managed to gain media’s attention and share their message that we need to be doing more to tackle the issue of childhood obesity.

Made.com bring children’s drawings of dream homes alive

Made.com bring children's drawings alive

Image source

Made.com are also making headlines this week with their latest “Homes Of The Future” project. The furniture brand asked children to draw their dream homes, and then bringing these drawings to life using architectural design software. The images show what our homes would look like if left to the imagination and creativity of a child.

Appealing to parents, creatives, and interior fans, the campaigns gained coverage on some big name sites such as Ideal Home, making use of the image gallery which hosts all of the designs.


Love Island’s Chris Hughes sheds a tear and makes headline press

Love island’s Chris Hughes has been in the press a lot recently. From arguments with Katie Price to releasing a single, Chris has had a lot of media attention since leaving the villa. However, this week he caused a bit of a stir by promoting a range of water bottles infused with his own tears.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s another attempt to cash in as quickly as possible. But this time, he partnered with Topman and charity CALM as part of a mental health campaign to encourage men to show their emotions and #DontBottleItUp. However, it turns out this was all part of a bigger stunt for charity CALM.

The campaign was perfectly timed and executed alongside World Mental Health Day, and has received praise from thousands of people, opening up the conversation around men’s mental health issues.

Last week our favourite PR campaigns included free tickets to Legoland, Tinder reactions and Audrey’s tiger bread from asda.