Showcase: Illamasqua, one of the coolest brands in the UK

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  • May 23, 2014
Douglas Radburn

Douglas Radburn

Head of Technical

Client: Illamasqua
Platform: Magento + WordPress + Bespoke Development


Illamasqua has been a long-standing client of Branded3, initially, we supported a bespoke solution provided by a third-party. This bespoke platform – although fit for purpose when it was first developed – began to fall behind the demands of Illamasqua and its impressive growth in sales and audience. The platform was unable to offer more complex promotional activities that the business required and the performance was gradually reducing and affecting customer experience.

The challenge

Illamasqua  decided it should look to redevelop the site onto a new platform that could support its plans for growth and more enterprise-level expectations. The brief comprised of seemingly simple goals; to provide a best-in-class ecommerce experience, creative freedom for the brand to express itself online and to ultimately drive sales and audience engagement online.

Our approach

Branded3 responded to the brief with a plan for a hybrid solution of Magento, WordPress and a custom Zend Framework based CMS. The choice of platform was based around providing three core pillars within the site to support ecommerce, social and brand engagement.

The project process involved our design and UX experts producing user analysis and user journey diagrams based on competitor reviews and information on the product buying experience, and engagement of customers on the existing platform. This insight was directly responsible for producing the new design layouts that were created.

The technical element of the project focused on integrating the platforms so that there would be shared elements such as navigation without compromising the underlying security model of each of the platforms and maintaining the separation of security.

On the Magento side of things we investigated and identified a number of plugins that would extend the functionality without the need for custom development. The plugins ranged from promotional, admin interface tools to improve productivity and CRM modules to support customer activity.

Custom integration with the SysPro and Data switch systems for fulfilment meant that live information was able to be passed between systems. This integration allows for advanced tracking information to be sent back to the website and inform the customers on the status of their order and delivery on an international level.

Integration with the Communicator platform for email sending ensured that customer data can be segmented and managed within a central location, as well as providing full tracking and reporting on delivery and open rates.


From the moment the new site was launched, the platform has grown in terms of revenue, basket value and conversions. Every 3-6 months we’ve carried out a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) exercise on the site to identify areas where we can still evolve and make the journey easier and more effective producing increases on the bottom line. You can read more about the Illamasqua brand on the cool brands website.




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