Insight from @Branded_3 at @Econsultancy’s User Experience Roundtable

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  • October 23, 2014
Andy Curry

Andy Curry

Head of UX and Design

There’s a healthy sense of rivalry between agencies, as indeed there is between competing brands. There may also be those who feel that specific techniques and expertise are things to be jealously guarded from those they see as the competition.

So it’s refreshing to find an environment in which supposed opposition representatives find themselves sat in a room together sharing knowledge, discussing challenges and positing solutions.

Such was the case in the User Experience and Persuasion roundtable event I recently found myself in, held by the venerable Econsultancy.

Senior representatives from a broad spectrum of leading brands and digital agencies came together to chew the proverbial fat about a wide range of User Experience challenges. And it was a surprising frank and open series of topics we discussed, with individuals who ostensibly might be competing sharing insight and experience to a common goal – a better experience for the user.

Whilst it would be professionally discourteous to discuss specific challenges, there were some strong themes that emerged. Whilst the detail of specific user journeys, bottlenecks and specific UI solutions were covered, the more interesting discussion certainly came from the bigger picture issues:

  • The value of local social proofing
  • The ethics of personalisation
  • When does relevance become boring?
  • The balance of activity vs reward in a user journey
  • The importance of testing and the challenge of persuading clients to invest in this critical stage

The most pleasing thing, from my point of view, was the general consensus on the importance of considering the user, their intentions and motivations at all stages.

It is the principle of understanding the user as an individual – not a demographic grouping – that can best lead us to create strategies to truly engage and excite.

And whilst I’m quite sure we could have all gone on for hours, the coming together of minds from such a diverse range of professionals from both sides of the line made for a truly invigorating and inspiring afternoon.

If anyone wish to continue the conversation further or discuss your own User Experience challenges, get in touch with myself or any of our expert team.