Instagram supports Mental Health Week, Intu surprises shoppers, and EasyJet’s secret code…

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  • May 12, 2017
Rebecca Hayler

Rebecca Hayler

PR Executive

Another week, another PR round-up, and this time we have been inspired by Dove, Instagram, the shopping centre Intu, and more!

#HereForYou – Instagram

Mental Health Awareness Week has taken place between 8th and 14th May, so there’s no better way to begin the PR round-up than with a campaign that has supported it. Instagram has recognised that social media is the perfect place for people to support one another, and so they have raised awareness of the week with their #HereForYou campaign.

Networkers have been using the hashtag to show their personal mental health journeys, and to give support to anyone who needs it. It’s a brilliant way to offer support to people who are going through difficult times, and on a platform that’s used daily.

Is there a perfect mum? – Dove

There is nothing better than a great Dove campaign, due to the brand always thinking of new ways to inspire people and spark a conversation. This is exactly what they have done with their newest Baby Dove campaign…

The campaign was featured in Waterloo Station this week with the caption ‘Is there a perfect mum?’ The ad has triggered people on social media to complain due to the perfect, flawless image of the model mother holding her baby. Many were shocked because Dove are known to use real women and celebrate diverse beauty.

However, what the nation have missed is that this flawless model isn’t actually real at all. It is a creation of what some people believe is a perfect mother. An amazing twist to a campaign that really gets people thinking about what the perfect mum looks like.

You can join in with the conversation using #realmums

Brexit Calculator – Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic have been rather brave with the newest campaign aimed at international travellers. With Brexit in play here in Britain, the value of the pound has significantly dropped, and according to Virgin Atlantic, it’s currently at the lowest rate in 31 years.

While this isn’t good news for us Brits, it’s great news for anyone travelling to the UK, and so the brand has created the Brexit Calculator, an online asset that shows exactly what visitors could save by visiting the UK.

Users can play on the calculator and click on the items they might want to buy during a trip. Choices include a burger giving users a $3 saving, along with a tailored suit from Saville Row which used to be $5,000, but is now just $4,124. There are many more items on the list, from a pair of souvenir socks to one of those fancy barrister wigs you’ve always wanted.

Although the campaign highlights the loss Britain is facing, it has a funny twist and is quite interesting to see what kinds of things people look to buy from the UK.

Money Birds – Intu

Intu, the shopping centre group, released a range of ‘Money Birds’ across 14 of their locations for shoppers to find. These ‘Money Birds’ are simply origami birds made from money, and each bird is worth up to £10. Intu came up with the campaign after discovering finding money is Britain’s favourite surprise, and so the campaign was born to give shopper’s a happy treat.

Each bird represents a different type of shopper; a Hawk represents the bargain hunter; an Owl represents the wise shopper, and a chicken reflects the last-minute shopper. All together there are 7 types of bird.

The campaign is an easy way for Intu to engage with their customers and bring happiness to their shopping experience. If you are heading to an Intu shopping centre this weekend, make sure that you look out for one of the origami birds.

Secret Code of Cabin Crew – EasyJet

Over the years, EasyJet has noticed passengers exposing their flight attendants on social media due to a certain chicken dance. Many passengers have been confused by some of the actions the cabin crew act out to each other, which often occurs after passenger’s order food during the flight. EasyJet have decided to answer everyone’s burning questions by creating a video with some of their renowned movements including the chicken dance.

It turns out that most of the movements are used to reduce the noise of staff on the plane and it makes it easier for them to understand exactly what the customer has ordered, and in turn you can get your food much quicker.

You can watch the video below to understand their code.



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