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  • June 5, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

In todays increasingly litigious society it is very important that web publishers, bloggers and consultants have the right insurance cover.

In the last 12 months I have had threats of lawsuits based on the opinions I write on Blogstorm. Luckily I’m always very careful about what I write but the threat is still present.

Branded3 manages the blogs of several high profile clients and we also have insurance to protect us in case we write something defamatory on those blogs. In addition we have the usual IT consultancy companies professional indemnity & employers liability insurance.

Blyth Valley handles these policies for us and was particularly helpful in arranging insurance to cover any libellous statements made on Blogstorm or the other blogs we write for. If you want to arrange insurance for your blogs or SEO consultancy please read the details below.

Protect your business from the Cyber risks it faces

Using the internet, email and any business network exposes you to hacking, fraud, viruses and information misuse. Expensive lawsuits, lost business and damage to your network and reputation could cost you more than you think.

Last year, a study backed by the FBI found that 90% of companies surveyed had detected computer breaches, at an average cost of £94,000 per incident.

Blyth Valley Professional Indemnity and Internet and Email insurance can protect you financially if someone brings a claim against you arising from your use of the internet, email, intranet, extranet or your website. Our plain-English policy working includes:

  • Breach of privacy – compliance with government regulations requires you to safeguard customer information from misuse. This means you must protect electronically-stored customer details from hackers and any employee mishandling. If something goes wrong, you could be held responsible. Our policy will protect you against breach of confidence and infringement of your customers’ rights to privacy.
  • Damage to your network or website – a serious interruption to your network or ecommerce capabilities can cripple your business, just as damage to your website can harm your reputation. If you are hacked and your data is deleted or stolen, or if your network, system or website is damaged, we will pay the repair or replacement expenses.
  • Fraud – we cover you for the fraudulent use by an employee of our electronic signature or external email.
  • If you have a blog or forum we will provide protection against the risk of defamatory statements.
  • Virus Attack – we cover you for your inadvertent transmission of a computer virus.
  • Worldwide cover – Through Hiscox we can provide cover on a worldwide basis which reflects the worldwide nature of the internet.

The premium payable will depend on your turnover, your website and the level of cover required: all payments are by interest-free monthly direct debit.

To get a no obligation quotation or to gather further information on how we can help you please call Gemma Hicks at Blyth Valley on 0845 370 9030 or email [email protected] and quote the reference ‘branded3’ to ensure you have the benefits expressed above.

For full details of this insurance and a quotation please get in touch.

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