Interactive magazines, real emojis and a #12hourholiday

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  • August 14, 2015
Kristina Semonella

Kristina Semonella

Digital PR Executive

Over the course of this past week, we’ve come across a variety of playful and innovative campaigns in the world of PR and we’re here to share our favourites with you…

Doritos/The Lad Bible: Holiday in half a day

Doritos teamed up with The Lad Bible to launch ‘The Summer Bible’ (a content hub of summer hacks) with the world’s first 12-hour holiday challenge.

The challenge involved sending the Lad Bible team to one of the world’s biggest party destinations, Ibiza…and they had to be back in the office by 9.30am the next day.


Throughout the (short) course of the holiday, they were set a variety of challenges, which the team documented on their Twitter feed using videos and Periscope streams – see them for yourself and check out their unforgettable #12HourHoliday experience.

Netflix: Sense8 Brainwave Symphony Experiment

As part of Netflix’s promotion for the new show ‘Sense8’, they partnered with production company, Tool, to create the “Brainwave Symphony” – a totally original piece of music that was created from people’s brainwaves.

To create the symphony, they invited eight strangers to binge-watch 12 episodes from the first season with electroencephalograph— EEG—sensors attached to their heads and then sit through a common set of visual and aural stimuli. The end result was amazing – crank up your volume and press play to experience a unique and memorable campaign.

Neutrogena: Wiping lipstick off a model’s face

Neutrogena teamed up with Brazil’s “Caras” magazine to conduct an extravagant and highly innovative stunt for the publication’s 25,000 subscribers.

The cover featured the actress-model, Giovanna Ewbank, in full make-up, which can be removed by the readers using the wet-wipes provided alongside the magazine. This allowed them to try the product out in a creative way that actually puts a product sample to good use where they could see instant results.


CoverGirl +Star Wars = amazing futuristic make-up collection

CoverGirl has come together with the Star Wars film franchise to create a selection of mesmerising make-up products consisting of shimmery lipsticks, mascaras and a variety of nail polishes that are to come at a later date.

Cover Girl

Make-up artist Pat McGrath has designed a series of six inspirational beauty looks taking their cue from the upcoming film; two of which were released this week as you can see below:


McDonald’s: Jumping on the emoji bandwagon

Recently, we’ve seen an increasing number of brands launching emoji-related campaigns and it seems that McDonald’s have raised the bar.
In their latest video ad in France, we see McDonald’s bring emojis to life, featuring a city full of people with animated 3D emojis for heads going about their daily lives—driving around with friends, getting a shave at the barber and breakdancing in the streets.

Check the video out here:

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