Introducing Horizon: An advanced search insights platform by Branded3

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  • September 9, 2015
Tom Armenante

Tom Armenante

Account Manager

We are very proud to present Horizon: a campaign-monitoring, search-based platform that allows users fast and accurate insight into domain performance, opportunities, and competitors.

To ensure that Horizon delivers a thorough and invaluable service, our Product Development team has created the perfect combination of features, including the ability to:

  • Track different areas of a site’s visibility
  • Achieve the same level of insights for mobile and desktop
  • Detect new areas of opportunity in search

Track different areas of a site’s visibility

For any given domain, we can take a selection of industry-specific keywords and divide them into the most important areas of the site to take stock of visibility in the SERPs. We track over a quarter of a million keywords in Horizon and that’s ever-growing, so there’s no limit to the number of keywords you can add to your profile.

The data are then used to demonstrate where your domain’s visibility is when you start a campaign. You’re presented with a graph using the traffic index metric (ranking, estimated search volume, and estimated click through rate).

The graph below shows traffic index over the last three months:


This is then used as the starting point for your overall visibility and is tracked against your competitors and their traffic index for visibility on the same keywords. This way, you can perfectly visualise the size of your domain and how well it’s performing against your closest competitors, offering a truly bespoke reporting platform.

Further to this, you’re able to delve into the data on the Statistics tab of the platform, which displays the same graph, only now with a comparison between you and your competitors. You can define your own date ranges:


Make dynamic comparisons of visibility with your competition

From here, you’re able to narrow down where your visibility lies within specific areas of your domain.

For example, if you offer five specific products and you have different competitors for each of them, you will need to track your performance for each of these products within the domain. We’ve added the ability to break the results down by sector to cater for this.

The below demonstrates how Horizon can compare a number of agencies in the ‘Digital Agencies’ sector:


At the top, you can see specifically how many keywords there are in the sector (outlined within the sector keywords count box above). This can be expanded to show exactly what keywords there are and where you rank for each of them, allowing you to see exactly how you measure up against your competitors.

Achieve the same level of insights for mobile and desktop

In the constantly-evolving search landscape, it was absolutely vital that Horizon tracked mobile visibility as well as desktop; it’s possible to achieve this with the click of a button. (N.B. We began tracking this data just before the release of the Google Mobile update in April.)


Detect new areas of opportunity

One of the most exciting aspects of Horizon is the ability to break down where the opportunity lies for your domain within the Insights tab. You can cover how well your existing content ranks within certain keyword groups, enabling to identify new target areas for your domain.

For example, through the use of this feature, we found that the Auto Trader site ranks really well for injury claim terms. If they were going to start to offer this as an additional product or in a partnership, which, of course, seems unlikely, then this insight would be vital in demonstrating the areas into which they could expand.

Finally, the Raw Rankings section of the platform contains advanced filter features, which allow you to identify the largest traffic-driving terms that you rank below 20 for.

This will give you the insight to focus on these areas of the site, to build content around them or create digital PR campaigns which target that feature of the domain.

This can also return some extremely interesting results. See the example for Branded3’s site below – you might rank for terms that you had no idea about!



Getting started with Horizon

The invaluable insights provided by the Horizon platform make it an essential component of any organic search marketing strategy. Horizon’s basic package is being offered at the price of £99 per month.

This is just a summary of the very exciting features in the initial Horizon product. As part of our ongoing investment, you can expect many more in updates to come!

To find out more about the product, and to sign-up for a ten day free trial head to the Horizon page.

*Please note: we are only supporting UK data for the BETA launch, check back soon for International



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