Kanye West, Secret Cinema and Microsoft ‘Fetch!’

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  • February 19, 2016
William Hobson

William Hobson

Senior Digital PR Strategist

The time has come for us to take a look at our favourite campaigns this week and it certainly has been an interesting one.

King to erect giant Candy Crush bouncy castle

King Digital Entertainment will be placing an illuminated, seven-metre high jumping castle on London’s South Bank from 3-5th March. This is to promote the launch of their new Candy Crush Jelly game, and will feature a jelly theme.

The bouncy castle will emit a raspberry jelly smell and mirror the squish and wobble movements of real jelly, meanwhile noises from the new game will be heard when participants bounce on particular squares within the space.

This looks like it’s going to be a really fun campaign and I’m sure our London team will be all over it!

Pizza Hut trolls Kanye

Pizza Hut picked the perfect opportunity to jump on Kanye’s Twitter rant after he claimed that he is currently $53 million in ‘personal debt’. In a response to a tweet from Kanye the pizza chain said:


This was a great piece of reactive PR using social media and resulted in multiple pieces of press coverage for Pizza Hut.

Secret Cinema creates online experience

Secret Cinema has created an immersive online experience for ticketholders to explore, ahead of the opening of its new, top secret production.

Guests can view information about the event through a dedicated website, which on arrival plays black and white film clips from the Cold War period, and displays a logo for the US Department of Cultural Surveillance (DOCS).

Once they have entered their details, ticketholders are issued with their alias for the event, this will include their rank number and character name.

They can then unlock access to a private chat forum to discover the central themes of the event, as well as publish comment pieces via a fictional online newspaper. The name of the film due to be brought to life by Secret Cinema is still unknown.

I really liked this campaign as it creates an enigma and almost sells the event for itself.

Microsoft Fetch! What dog do you look like?

Microsoft launched a new image recognition app, Fetch!, to find out what breed of dog you are. The app is the latest in a series of fun projects that are meant to highlight machine learning’s potential.

In this case, that’s the ability to look at an image and make some sort of determination about its contents. Essentially, it’s teaching machines to make the sort of intuitive leaps that people naturally do.

The results that Fetch! presents can then be shared via social networks so that all your friends can view your doggie match.

Nissan self-parking chairs

Car giant Nissan has adapted its self-driving car technology, this time for office chairs. In a similar vein to self-parking cars, ‘Intelligent Parking Chairs’ can make 360° turns, locate their destination and put themselves away.

This is a really fun campaign and a product that every office needs…. including our own!

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