KFC Bitcoin, Golden Globes Blackout and Netflix Binges: Our favourite PR campaigns of the week

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  • January 19, 2018
Kerry McGreene

Kerry McGreene

Digital PR Executive

We can’t believe that it’s Friday already! But before we head out the office for the weekend, we want to share our favourite PR campaigns from around the globe this week.

KFC Bitcoin Bucket

Bitcoin has notoriously been hitting worldwide headlines lately, and KFC has ingeniously tapped into the cryptocurrency trend by adding a “Bitcoin Bucket” to their menu.

The Bitcoin Bucket is essentially your standard KFC bucket, available to purchase with Bitcoin, but is unfortunately only available to those living in Canada.

Lucky Canadians with disposable Bitcoin can pay 0.001147 Bitcoin ($20 dollars) to get 10 Original Original Recipe Tenders, Waffle Fries, a medium side and medium gravy, sent straight to their door.

KFC Bucket

Source: Getty Images

KFC have placed themselves at the centre of this topical conversation, in a way that consumers can get on board with. It’s simple but clever PR.

Golden Globes Blackout Auction

We previously commented on the Golden Globes movement last week, where women wore black in solidarity for the #TimesUp campaign, standing up against sexual harassment.

While this was a bold statement to make, many people questioned what does wearing black actually do to make a difference against sexual harassment? Well, #TimesUp has revealed their next step in this empowering initiative.

eBay and Condé Nast have joined forces to auction a selection of dresses and suits worn by A-listers at the awards ceremony, in an effort to raise money for the Times Up movement.

Golden Globes blackout

Source: Steve Granitz/Wire Image/Getty

Dresses from Margot Robbie, Meryl Streep, and Reese Witherspoon, as well as suits from Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris, will be available to bid on from today. All the money raised will go to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which will continue to fight for the cases of women who are sexually harassed in the workplace.

It’s great that eBay, Conde Nasté and Time’s Up have come together to create a PR campaign which takes materialistic items and uses them to fund a charitable movement that will help women everywhere.

Airbnb promote sh*thole countries

Following Donald Trump’s controversial comments branding Haiti, El Salvador and Africa “shithole countries”, Airbnb have taken it upon themselves to educate the public about the true beauty of these “shithole countries”.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky shared a series of tweets which included images of listings in the three countries, along with figures highlighting growth of revenue in each country. A great way to empower Airbnb hosts and encourage more travellers to visit these beautiful places.

Tweet from Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky

Airbnb will also be launching digital ad placements to promote the listings of the countries Donald Trump declared shitholes.

Misguided makes wishes come true

When asked what they might be wearing to an event, every girl has at least once uttered the words “jeans and a nice top”, yet there is never a category on online fashion shops to satisfy this need. However, all that is to change – Misguided have finally answered our fashion prayers, hallelujah!

After Twitter user, Jennifer Stuart, tweeted that she wished brands like Misguided would have a “jeans and a nice top” category, Misguided swiftly waved their customer service wands to bring that wish to life, creating just that.

Missguided website

Source: Misguided

By listening to their consumers’ needs, Misguided have not only pleased their core demographic, but also generated themselves a lot of positive media coverage.

Netflix and binge

We have all been guilty of sitting down to watch a few episodes of our favourite show on Netflix, only to find ourselves still glued to the screen, three hours later. Now Perficient Digital Labs have turned our binging habits into an Olympic race, where they want you to strive for gold.

Their interactive asset asks users how many days and hours in a day the user can commit to, and also calculates which shows you could watch within that timeframe. The asset informs the user of how many hours the show has, and how many hours you would have to commit each day to watch the show in the selected timeframe.

Perficient Digital Labs asset

Source: Perficient Digital Labs

This is an interesting asset, as binge-watching is a common habit for many people, and so is sure to generate a lot of users and interest.

We hope you enjoyed our campaigns of the week! If you want to check out other fabulous PR campaigns, take a look at last week’s post, which looks at PR campaigns from IKEA, Adidas, and Diet Coke.