The latest PR campaigns featuring Lego, Tinder and Audrey’s tiger bread

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  • October 6, 2017
Audrey Maffre

Audrey Maffre

Digital PR Executive

Can you believe it is October already? September has flown by and summer clothes are out of sight till next year, pumpkins are at the ready and Mariah Carey has already trimmed the Christmas tree. And, for the first week of October, Lego, Tinder and the BMB agency have been full of creativity.

Because we’re all big kids at the end of the day

Lego are giving away free Legoland tickets to anyone (yes, parents as well) with the same name as the main characters of their new movie Lego Ninjango movie from October 13th to 30th.

To claim the free entry, Lego will ask for a proof of ID stating your name really is Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Nya, Zane, or Cole. And, the spelling needs to be the same, non-negotiable.

Lego Ninjango Movie

The campaign has gained a lot of coverage by nationals, so has turned out to be an ingenious idea by Legoland. We already knew they were a fun brand, but we sadly wished our parents had been a bit more creative with our names.

Tinder reacts

If you’re familiar with the online dating scene, you will know that you can find wonderful people to talk with, but also some quite rude individuals as well. For both cases, Tinder has just launched the Tinder Reactions which consist of animations including clapping hands for the gentlemen and thrown Martinis to uncivilized lads.

For this, Tinder have partnered with comedian Whitney Cummings on a video titled The Menprovement Initiative, which is part of a wider campaign to improve the community and service of the online dating app, by use of a better messaging experience and easier way to report nuisance users.

Coverage for this new feature included Mashable, Daily Mail and The Verge.

Audrey’s Tiger Bread

Lo and behold, a loaf of bread now has my name, and what an honour that is!

No, of course I won’t take all the glory because the credit is in fact due to an 85-year-old loyal customer named Audrey. Because she’s been giving tips to her local Asda baker Gary on how to make the perfect Tiger Bread (her favourite), Asda has decided to reward her by giving the loaf her name. The former Tiger Bread is now known as Audrey’s Tiger Bread.

Asda's tiger bread baked by Audrey

Apart from the cuteness of this story, we are touched by how Asda is interacting with their customers, showing we don’t always need social media to make an impact.

Ending loneliness

Talking about social media, how would you feel if you were deprived of your phone for a week and left by yourself without any external contacts?

Probably the same as this guy…

Beattie McGuinness Bungay (BMB) agency has created the above video to raise awareness on loneliness. In a world where we are all connect to each other via phones, internet and social media, it is hard to understand how some people can be totally alone.

The project has been a huge success, and talked about by scores of marketing sites.

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