LaunchTags: new revenue sharing blog network

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  • July 19, 2007

LaunchTagsA new blogging network is launching today called LaunchTags.

The site appears to allow users to create their own blogs in return for a revenue share.

As anyone who has tried to make money using Squidoo will confirm, this model simply doesn’t work. If you want to blog you need to create a unique site on your own domain, not rely on somebody else.

Some of the problems with creating pages on Squidoo are that Digg banned all Squidoo pages and then put them on the auto-bury list and Google recently gave them a massive ranking drop. How much would you lose if you are denied traffic from Google and Digg?

Promoting your blog is hard enough without having to worry about Digg and Google penalizing you for the actions of other people.

If you really can’t afford a domain then write some quality content on blogspot, get some readers and then ask a sponsor to pay the $5 for your domain in return for some advertising.

Patrick Altoft

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