Legal issues of calling people SEO spammers

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  • October 9, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Fresh Egg has published a blog post today calling out a company which appears to be in direct competition with one of their clients.

The blog post accuses the company of “spamming” and the industry of using “abysmal black hat techniques”.

If you go to Google right now and type in “Hot Tubs”, you will get a list of Top 10 results which in fact do not deserve to be there. Straight away I come across meta title spamming! When was it ever ok to write a title like this Hot Tub | Hot Tubs | Spa Hot Tubs UK.

I’ve called out entire industries for being full of paid link spam in the past and I believe that’s fine – as long as you don’t call out a specific company. However as soon as you start calling a specific company a spammer that’s when you can get into legal hot water.

I’m not saying that Fresh Egg are right or wrong about the paid links or the title tag issues but I certainly wouldn’t like to have to stand up in court and justify to a layman why a particular company was guilty of spamming.

Within the industry we know what techniques are white, grey and black but trying to prove it to a court when the Google Guidelines are so vague would be quite a difficult task.

What do you think?

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