Let customers determine your multichannel strategy: A guide

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  • March 26, 2015
Felicity Crouch

Felicity Crouch

Marketing Manager

Today, Branded3’s Creative Director, Andrew Machin, spoke at Figaro Digital’s Multichannel Seminar on why you should let your customers determine your multichannel strategy.

With the ever-increasing number of possible customer touch-points and a need to try and encompass them all within one marketing strategy; it’s no wonder that multichannel marketing is a bit overwhelming for brand marketers.

In today’s seminar, Andrew took the audience through the customer’s purchasing journey and demonstrated how by understanding and engaging throughout this journey; you can create the framework for a multichannel strategy that provides great customer experiences and encourages conversion.

You can download Andrew’s detailed guide on multichannel strategies by filling in the form below, the guide includes supporting examples for work we’ve delivered for our clients.

Download Andrew's article

If you missed today’s talk, you can check out the slides below and be sure to take a look at our events page for details of where we’ll be speaking next.