Linkbait Tuesday: Karans Guesthouse

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  • December 4, 2007

Linkbait Tuesdays is a weekly feature where I offer tips for a readers website and then invite the community to offer their advice in the comments. If you want tips for your site sign up to Linkbait School.

Karans GuesthouseToday we are looking at ideas for promoting Karans Guesthouse in India. To help other people I will try to focus on general methods to promote a guest house or hotel website.

First of all the site needs to be changed, at present there are several factors preventing the site from attracting links:

  • Use a standard layout
  • Give the site a nice header image
  • Add a photo gallery
  • Add a Google location map
  • Maybe use a free SEO friendly CMS or WordPress
  • Move to a .com domain rather than a .info
  • Keep it simple

The tips above will make the site linkable, at the moment nobody will link to it because of the design & layout.

Now we have to add a reason to link to it.

  • Add a guide to the local town
  • Create interactive maps
  • Add restaurant reviews & tell the restaurants they are listed
  • Publish local news
  • Interview local businesses
  • Let other people use your photos with a link back to your site
  • Link to other guest houses, exchanging a few links is good
  • Make sure you are listed on all lists of accommodation in the town
  • Target local business/conference centres

If you have other suggestions please post below.

What sort of sites would you like to see in this column in future? Niche sites or mainstream? Blogs or normal sites?

Patrick Altoft

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  • Karl

    For a start, there should be some coherency to the colours. I can hardly read the link at the bottom (bright blue over green). Next, look at reducing the pictures on the index page – perhaps just one at the top. Once this is done, recognise the value in redoing the site, and start from a clean sheet of paper after reading at least 20 reasonable sites on website design. Google can help in this regard.

  • Missy

    Any good tips for a local small town restaurant linkbait idea?

    The town is not super wired, but it is getting there. Essentially what i would like to target are travelers coming to the town, who search online. The searchers.


    • Patrick Altoft

      Linkbait is pretty expensive and isn’t really needed unless you are in a super competitive industry. To rank in your own town you might only need a small number of links.

  • Missy

    I realize after reading your comment, i mistook the term. I meant viral marketing idea, not linkbait.

    I am looking for some viral marketing ideas that would work in a small town. This is what i meant.

    Thanxs for your speedy reply.

  • mgk57

    The site isn’t too bad, but I would spruce the rooms up a bit more. They look a bit drab and out-of-date. Rooms need to look clean, modern, and not falling to pieces.
    Good luck with your guest house.

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