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  • November 27, 2007

Linkbait Tuesdays is a weekly feature where I offer tips for a readers website and then invite the community to offer their advice in the comments. If you want tips for your site sign up to Linkbait School. is an online sock retailer. I bet most of you are thinking there is little scope for linkbait in that industry. Well, thanks to my linkbait research tool (due for release here tomorrow) I can tell you socks are extremely linkable.

The stories below I found within 2 minutes and all have huge potential. Some of them have not been particularly well written, presented and promoted so anybody can come along and use the same idea with better execution and win thousands of links.

It is important to notice the non sock related post in the mix from engadget. You might be able to tell it’s not about socks but I bet Google can’t. Writing about post on a sock site about how Google Gears will knock your socks off and hitting the Digg front page is a great way to build links.


Knitting is a huge industry so creating and offering free tools and tutorials will be very useful. Even if knitters don’t use Digg they use forums a lot and forums can drive large amounts of traffic. Try also using Yahoo Groups to reach them.

Other ideas include gift ideas for different niches such as the Top 10 Socks to Buy a Blogger / Digg User / Gadget Lover For Christmas.

How to make your own iPod/iPhone sock would be quite a good one, include patterns and images to make it easy to do.

Any readers have any good sock related linkbait ideas?

Patrick Altoft

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    Socks are now on time, its getting cold 😉

  • Matthew

    How to stop socks from smelling 😉

    You have some real unique sites showing up for linkbait Tuesdays.

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