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  • August 26, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Techcrunch is reporting about a new service called Linktive which is “a fast, simple way to grow your business by creating an intelligent link building network that you control”.

Most people want to build links to their sites and on the face of it this seems like a scalable way to build links. Users have ultimate control over the links they display and the goal is to build a “quality network” rather than mass spamming.

Linktive takes the legwork out of searching for sites to link with. We’ll send you link recommendations for businesses that compliment yours, and at the same time, recommend your site to others. You may preview and submit requests for link exchanges at any time, keeping total control over your link network. You could say Linktive is your link building relationship manager.

The problem is that any scalable link building system will be squashed by Google as soon as it becomes widespread whether it’s within the guidelines or not. You could create the most ethical system in the world but Google will still squash it once it becomes too popular.

I’ve had first hand experience with link networks – in March 2006 I created Pyramid a network that gave twice as many links back as you donated to the system. Users also got an extra 5 links for every person they referred.

The site started off quite well but soon people started hiding links, cloaking and using spammy donor sites to gain credits that could be passed to higher quality sites.

Any network like this will always end up full of people who want to extract maximum benefit with minimal input.

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