A living billboard, a brave sport challenge, and creative charity support: PR roundup

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  • March 2, 2018
Yvonne Bernhardt

Yvonne Bernhardt

Digital PR Executive

After the series of love-related PR stunts we witnessed in February, this week’s campaigns take a different, but equally emotional, turn.

There’s focus on endangered animals and exotic creatures, alongside unexpected and creative ways that influencers have tackled some very tough topics. And, of course, we couldn’t ignore KFC’s witty apology for their chicken crisis!

Read on to find out what brands have been up to in the wonderful world of PR.

Sea Life’s #Bravethebugs creates some ‘buzz’ for its new Rainforest Adventure exhibition

Afraid of creepy crawlies? If your answer is yes, you might want to avoid the living billboard that Sea Life recently set up in the Waterloo train station to promote its new Rainforest Adventure exhibition, which will open on March 24th in London.

The billboard doesn’t showcase pretty butterflies, but rather gigantic cockroaches, climbing the glass inside and hissing at you!

Sea Life London's billboard

Photo: source

A rather playful way to give a sneak peek into Sea Park’s new exhibition, getting close to the billboard is only for the strong and brave among us! (#notformeguys)

Lacoste drops iconic crocodile logo to support charity for endangered animals

Just in time for Paris Fashion Week, Lacoste has teamed up with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and replaced their iconic crocodile logo with the emblem of 10 endangered animals.

To raise awareness about just how few of these animals are left in the wild, they’ve only made a specific number of shirts. For example, there are only 350 Sumatran tigers left on the Earth, which means that there are only 350 tiger polos available.

All proceeds will go to the International Union for Conservation of Nature to help protect these endangered species. As these shirts have been showcased during Fashion Week, the campaign represents a strong and creative appeal for a more sustainable fashion world.

KFC’s clever apology for the chicken shortage

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, KFC changed to a new supplier and had some major delivery issues – due to the ‘chicken crisis’, they had to close more than half of their 900 restaurants in the UK.

To comfort the public and their loyal customers, they published a 3-page apology letter, along with this cheeky ad that made the headlines this week:

KFC's apology advert

Although we love this apology (and we’re almost ready to accept it!), earlier this week newspapers reported that restaurants will probably now face a gravy shortage…

Greg James faces the Beast from the East for Sport Relief challenge

Greg James signed up for his very own ‘Gregathlon’ to support Sport Relief this year. His challenge was to climb the three biggest mountains in the UK and cycle the distances between them.

With the Beast from the East sweeping over the UK this week, this challenge became even harder.


Photo: Source

It was announced yesterday that he had to cancel his last challenge for the week, as the weather conditions are too tough to continue. However, he promised: “I’m going to come back and do that mountain – I’ve got to do Ben Nevis. I’ve already done 200 miles on that bike on snow, that’s why I’m so annoyed. I just wanted to keep going. I just want to come back and do it again.”

You can follow his progress here.

Eva Chen raises money for anti-gun organisation by mocking Gucci’s bizarre catwalk

Fashion aficionados might have seen strange antics on the Gucci catwalk last week, which featured models carrying dragons and creepy wax-heads.

Gucci models on catwalk with strange props

Photo: Source (left), Source (right)

Of course, it didn’t take long until the Internet reacted. And one of the biggest fashion influencers, Eva Chen, had a lot to say.

She encouraged her followers to recreate the awkward looks on Instagram and donate $1 to Everytown, an anti-gun violence charity, for each snap that they tagged with @gucci and @evachen.

Eva Chen's Instagram story about Gucci

Photo: Source

Everytown is an American NGO that aims “to end gun violence and build safer communities.” After the dramatic shooting in Parkland, Florida, and the nationwide debate about school safety in the US, Eva has succeeded in raising awareness about the anti-gun organisation and positioned herself as an influencer who wants to use her platform to make a difference.