How To Do Local Affiliate Marketing With An Optician Affiliate Program

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  • November 8, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

I’m sure most of you have read Shoemoneys blog post about how lucrative local affiliate marketing can be and are busy trying to figure out a strategy to make money from his ideas.

Most people can’t be bothered to make the connections with local businesses in the same way that Shoemoney did so we need to find a merchant that has a network of shops around the country and are willing to give commissions.

The perfect example is opticians and I’ve been talking to the team at Vision Express this week about their affiliate program. Basically they are offering £15 commission on attended eye exams which sounds like easy money to me.

Recommended Strategies

Vision Express have stores all over the country and every town has search volume for phrases like the ones below:

  • eye test leeds
  • eye appointment leeds
  • vision express leeds
  • specsavers leeds
  • opticians leeds

I’m sure you get the general idea – people are already searching locally for somewhere to have their eyes tested. You just need to find a way to intercept them and then get them to click on your affiliate link.

Vision Express tell me that successful affiliates are using the following strategies:

  • PPC (they allow brand name bidding as long as you don’t out-bid them),
  • Natural search (a huge long tail opportunity)
  • Email marketing (great if you have a list of people from a certain area)

This is a big industry and from my analysis of the search results it wouldn’t be too hard for a clever affiliate to take over both the PPC and organic search results for most of the long tail queries.

What are you waiting for?