#Lunchmatch, edible billboards and Rugby World Cup

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  • September 11, 2015
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

Good Friday everyone! That lovely time of the week has come where we take you on a journey through some of the best creative campaigns we’ve come across in the past seven days. So, fasten your seatbelts – here we go!

O2 & England Rugby: #WearTheRose

Let’s start with O2 and the uber-touching #WearTheRose campaign. The long-term official England Rugby team sponsor released a short animated video to support our muscly national heroes at the 2015 Rugby World Cup, held in England from 18 September to 31 October.

No words are needed to describe the video titled ‘Make them Giants’. First of all, the animations themselves are truly beautiful and – as the YouTube video description states – “it’s a fact that in top-level sport, the power of support can be the difference between victory and defeat”.

Watch it yourself – goosebumps are guaranteed!

Ampara Animal: Dog Meat

Ampara Animal is a Brazilian charity devoted to improving living conditions for stray animals. They recently uploaded a shocking video on Facebook, showing a Chinese chef at a dog shelter trying to transfer local stray dogs to China and turn them into meat. The video is captioned in Mandarin and carries the logo of a Chinese TV channel.

Thousands of people shared the outrageous video, only to discover it was nothing but a fake! A link at the end of the stunt redirects users to the real video with the real subtitles, where the Chinese chef turns out to be a volunteer talking about stray dogs and his job at the shelter.

This is a very clever example of the great power that social media has in creating impactful viral campaigns. If – like me – you’re not overly fluent in Portuguese, an English translation of ‘Dog Meat’ can be found here.

Nākd: Find Your Fave


Wholefoods healthy snack brand Nākd clearly knows how hungry Londoners can get during hectic days. The edible billboard they created is exactly what people living and working in the capital need: a yummy yet balanced snack to grab and eat on the way to the next business meeting. Spot on for your target consumers, Nākd – well done!

The billboard will be displayed for a limited time only at Shepherd’s Bush Westfield Shopping Centre. What are you waiting for, West Londoners? Go and pick you fave!

Nakd 2

Miele: Jeans for Genes Pop-Up Laundrettes

Jeans for Genes Day is back! On 18th September, the Children’s Medical Research Institute’s iconic campaign will raise funds in support of genetic research to discover cures and treatments aimed at improving the lives of children suffering from chronic genetic conditions.

Domestic appliances brand Miele came up with a fantastic idea to support Jeans for Genes Day, setting up a four-day pop-up laundrette, opening today in Central London. It will offer a special denim washing service, braiding and styling workshops and even free, denim-themed manicures.

So, get your laundry done but, most importantly of all, don’t forget to wear jeans at your office’s  Casual Friday on the 18th of this month! Sign up for a fundraising pack on the Jeans for Genes website and donate!



Saving the best for last: #lunchmatch is undoubtedly our favourite campaign this week as it encourages workplaces, specifically agencies, to get involved and donate money for the cause that is bringing Europe to its knees – the Syrian refugees’ crisis.

The idea was originated by London agency DLKW Lowe, who decided to donate the equivalent of their weekly lunch money (approximately £30 per person) to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and urged fellow capital-based agencies to follow their good example.

DLKW Lowe, you can count us in! Here at Branded3, we’re definitely jumping on board! We hope the voice will be spread as wide as possible across London’s numerous agencies, raising money for a very good cause.